Gibault Memorial Tower is now open at Good Samaritan

Good SamaritanGibault Memorial Tower is open to the public offering an array of services and staff ready to greet you with medical expertise, cutting-edge technology and big hearts.

The BEACON project broke ground on June 12, 2012. Costing $109 million, it not only involved construction of Gibault Tower (200,000 square feet, five stories, 120 new beds), it included a redesign of key health care service areas and an upgrade of critical engineering systems. Construction was green (as in, environmentally conscious) and is expected to result in a 27 percent energy savings.

Gibault Memorial Tower has five floors, each with a specialty area: Cardiology, Intensive Care, Pediatrics, Medical Surgery, Joint Replacement, Women's Health and Oncology. Each floor has easy-access restrooms, waiting rooms and snack options (coffee shop and chapel are on the first floor).

Good Samaritan CardiologyFirst floor:

Welcome to our heart hospital within the hospital. All cardiac consultative, preventive, diagnostic and treatment services are in one location. There are two state-of-the-art catheterization labs, one of which is a hybrid lab/surgical suite, which allows us to do diagnostic and surgical intervention in one space. Plus, we have consultative, pacemaker, anticoagulation, lipid and congestive heart failure clinics and a beautiful rehabilitation facility to encourage you to get back on your feet.

Second floor:

Intensive Care. Though most people don’t plan to end up here, we are prepared for anything with an army of RNs and medical specialists, including those from primary care, pulmonary, cardiology, surgery, gastroenterology, nephrology and orthopedics. We have 30 acuity-adaptable rooms, each including a family area with a recliner or love seat, bathroom/shower and lockable patient closet. Patient-nurse ratio is 4:1, or 2:1 for more acute cases.

Good Samaritan Nursing CareThird floor:

Pediatrics and Nursing Care. This floor features pediatrics and boasts rooms specifically built for high-quality nursing care with all a medical team needs in one space.

Fourth floor:

Joint Replacement and Medical Surgery. Home of the Joint Replacement Center, this is where you go for elective hips and knees. The floor has 30 rooms total, with 25 dedicated to surgical patients. All are private rooms with private bathrooms and, just to spoil you a little more, the unit has a spa and styling chair.

Fifth floor:

Women's Health and Oncology. Prepared to be babied on the fifth floor. This floor provides large labor and delivery rooms with built-in furniture and floor-to-ceiling windows, postpartum rooms with room for families and a C-section room with an attached recovery suite. The newborn nursery is close by and can accommodate babies who need special attention. This floor also features eight oncology rooms.

Take a glimpse into our grand opening ceremony and events below in a heartfelt story that showcases Good Samaritan's passion for serving Vincennes and our surrounding communities.

For more information about the Good Samaritan Gibault Memorial Tower grand opening events, please call 812-885-3336.

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