Good Samaritan to Begin Implementing EPIC Health Record System

Last April, Good Samaritan partnered with Deaconess through the OneCare Collaborative, a population health initiative, and will gain access to Epic, the nation’s leading electronic medical record system. Sharing the same electronic health record will enable physicians, nurses and other health care providers at Good Samaritan and Deaconess to access the same patient information in real-time and across multiple locations. Patients will soon have access to their own health information through the MyChart patient portal.

For the past ten months, Good Samaritan has been preparing to go-live with Epic throughout physician offices and the hospital. The implementation of the new health record system has been broken down into four different phases, beginning Wednesday, March 2. “We decided to gradually utilize Epic throughout our facilities so we could make sure each installation of the program goes smoothly,” stated Wendy Mangin, Executive Project Director. “The first three ‘waves’ will be in physician offices and other off-site locations. The last phase will be on June 12 and will include everyone in the hospital.” During the Epic installation process, physician offices will be reducing the number of patients seen until everything is running smoothly. “We ask that the community please be patient during this process,” added Mangin. “The use of Epic will be new to all employees and will take some time to get used to.”

Good Samaritan and Deaconess employees have been working around the clock to ensure the implementation of Epic goes well. Physicians, nurses, hospital and office staff have attended meetings and training seminars in order to prepare for the conversion of the current health record system to Epic. “Good Samaritan and Deaconess have been working so hard during these past few months preparing for Epic,” said Marsha Danielsen, Director of Information Systems. “Everyone has been working into the night hours and on weekends to ensure that the execution of each phase goes well.”

The health care industry is becoming more innovative and changing the face of patient care. Having an electronic medical record system like Epic increases patient safety, quality of care and communication. Being a part of the OneCare Collaborative allows numerous resources to be available to patients towards preventing and treating illnesses. The OneCare Collaborative can achieve the “triple aim” of better patient care, better patient experience, and lower heath care costs. “We are very excited about the positive impact Epic will have on the communities we serve,” stated Rob McLin, President and CEO. “Good Samaritan and Deaconess are able to remain local, independent organizations while working together on the OneCare Collaborative. This partnership allows us to meet the needs of our patients and health care team, while meeting our mission and vision.”

Patients will receive login information at their doctor’s appointment explaining how they can go online and sign in to their new electronic health record. Once the interactive portal is fully live, patients will have the ability to request and schedule appointments, view test results, track medications and request prescriptions securely. The implementation of Epic will improve communication, save time, and allow patient information to be readily available at the click of a button.

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