Good Samaritan Board of Governors Member Stepping Down After 16 Years of Service

Long-time hospital board member Maridell Sargent is stepping down from the Good Samaritan Board of Governors after 16 years of service. A school nurse for 35 years, Maridell always had a soft spot in her heart for nursing and health care. So much so, that Good Samaritan has named an award after her titled the “Maridell Sargent Excellence in Nursing Award.”

Throughout the years, Maridell has seen numerous changes take place within the hospital. “It has been an exciting time to be a board member,” she stated. “Being a part of Good Samaritan throughout the BEACON Project and seeing the amazing things the hospital does for the community has been an amazing experience.” An advocate for nursing education and training, Maridell says she has always agreed with Good Samaritan leaders and their encouragement of learning and fostering new ideas for patient care.

For the last six years, attending board meetings has been a family affair for Maridell and her husband Rowe Sargent, a Knox County Commissioner and Good Samaritan Board of Governor’s President. During this time, the husband and wife duo have taken their seats in the boardroom together alongside fellow board members and hospital leadership to discuss and decide what is best for Good Samaritan. Even though Maridell is stepping down, the family tradition will continue. The Sargents’ daughter, Susan Brocksmith, will be taking over her mother’s place on the board beginning in June.

“I’m getting to be an old lady,” laughed Maridell. “It’s time for someone younger to get involved. I have enjoyed my time on the board, but there comes a moment in your life where you have done what you can, and it’s time to move on and allow more innovative people to step in."

“This is a wonderful opportunity I have been given,” added Susan. “It will take me a while to become familiar with the hospital and how things work, but I am humbled to be able to follow in the footsteps of my mother and be a part of all the experiences she has had.”

Susan is the Department Chair of Management and Accounting at Vincennes University, and also serves on the boards for the Knox County Chamber of Commerce and Farm Bureau. Having lived most of her life in Knox County, Susan is familiar with Good Samaritan’s vision for the future and understands the importance of giving back. “I can offer an outside perspective and help my own community at the same time,” she states. “My parents and grandparents have always lived by and passed on the importance of doing your part for your community, and I am honored to do that as a board member at Good Samaritan.”

Although they will be big shoes to fill, Maridell knows her daughter will be an asset to Good Samaritan. “Susan has always been very good with people,” boasts Maridell about her daughter. “She works very hard to make people successful in life and has new and innovative ideas she will bring with her.”

“I just feel so fortunate to have a regional center of excellence and Magnet hospital right in our backyard,” said Susan. “Patients do not have to travel hours away to receive the care they deserve. It is amazing to be a part of something that is such a positive force in our community and I am extremely grateful for this opportunity.”

Tuesday night was Maridell’s last board meeting at Good Samaritan. “Maridell has been a key member of our governing board and will be greatly missed,” stated Rob McLin, President and CEO. “She was a leader who was fully vested in Good Samaritan. She has been an extraordinary patient advocate and an ongoing champion for our nurses and the nursing profession. She is thoughtful, caring, compassionate and I am proud to call her a friend.”

Maridell says only the fondest memories remain of her time as a board member during the past 16 years. She has met many interesting people and has felt honored to sit alongside some “really smart people.” The Board of Governors and hospital administration would all agree that even though Maridell’s position will be replaced, her kindness will not be forgotten. Before she leaves, however; she offers this last piece of advice to her daughter, “do your best and take advantage of the opportunities that come to you.”

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