New Patient Experience Feedback Program Begins at Good Samaritan

Good Samaritan has partnered with Real-time Feedback by NRC Health to gather patient experience feedback. Real-time Feedback is a patient experience program that supports organizations to improve the patient experience and help drive service recovery.

For many years, Good Samaritan has sent paper patient satisfaction surveys to its patients by mail. With this new program and vendor, patient experience surveys will now be in the form of emails and phone calls that consist of no more than 13 questions. Patients will also receive their email or phone call within 3 days of their visit to Good Samaritan or one of its providers. Good Samaritan patients are now getting surveyed in this new format.

“This new way of surveying our patients came from a desire to develop an easier feedback mechanism that is more timely and less cumbersome. Some of the paper surveys we were sending previously had upward of 60 questions, and we realize that people are busy now and don’t have the time to answer so many questions,” stated Rob McLin, President and CEO at Good Samaritan. “This new program is also going to allow us to survey all of our patients. Previously, we only had the ability to survey a certain percentage of patients who were randomly selected to receive a survey.”

Real-time Feedback program results demonstrate a statistically significant impact to enhancing patients’ experience and perception of care. “Because patients will be receiving a survey so quickly after a visit, it’s going to help us address any feedback that has been gathered in a more timely manner,” stated McLin.

Most of the phone survey calls will be via an Interactive Voice Response, a technology that allows a computer to interact with humans through the use of voice and keypad input, and should only take a couple of minutes. Government mandated surveys called Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems, or CAHPS, will be made by a live caller, and will include more questions. These CAHPS surveys will include inpatients, hospice, outpatient surgery and endoscopy patients. The interactive and live calls will show up on a caller ID as a Good Samaritan phone number.

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