Good Samaritan Highlights 2019 Achievements and Presents Plans for 2020

Good Samaritan held its last Board of Governors meeting for 2019 on Thursday evening. Senior leadership presented information about the hospital’s successes over the past year, the outlook and budget for 2020, and the future of the growing residency programs.

Most of the excitement in 2019 centered around the beginning of the Psychiatry Residency this past July. Four residents began their rotation at Good Samaritan this year and have been a welcome edition to the medical staff for the past six months. “We are in the interview season once again and have interviewed some remarkable candidates,” said Dr. Allie Thomas-Fannin, Psychiatry Residency Program Director and Outpatient General Psychiatrist for the Samaritan Center. “We are excited to start our next class in July as our current residents advance.”

The Internal Medicine program will also welcome 12 residents to Good Samaritan in July 2020. These potential residents are currently interviewing and touring the hospital every week. In March of next year, these residents will be “matched” to Good Samaritan or other residency programs in the United States. “It has been great meeting and speaking with all the residents,” said Matt Schuckman, Vice President of Operations. “I have had the pleasure of meeting not only residents from Indiana, but throughout the country looking for rural opportunities to practice medicine. The hospital and community tours have been received well and I think they are surprised to learn about all we have to offer and the impact of our culture as an organization.”

This past year saw many successes for the organization. Focusing on the Triple Aim of Health Care, a framework developed by the Institute for Healthcare Improvement used to optimize health system performance, Good Samaritan continues to work toward better patient outcomes. The serious safety event rate for the hospital is 0.73 and the organization once again received a four star rating from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). This Star Rating is calculated by looking at seven categories of quality: mortality, safety of care, readmissions, patient experience, effectiveness of care, timeliness of care and efficient use of medical imaging.

There also continues to be a downward trend in hospital-acquired infections thanks to the addition of the MoonBeam disinfection technology in 2018. Good Samaritan’s Anthem Scorecard 86.82 in 2019 further demonstrated the commitment to quality and safety. To receive a score, hospitals are reviewed in three areas: patient safety, health outcomes and patient satisfaction.

Growth opportunities continued for Good Samaritan in 2019 with the addition of many physicians and providers. Four new employed physicians came on board this year and nine new employed, credentialed allied health professionals. “Provider recruitment is a competitive environment,” said Adam Thacker, Chief Operating Officer of Physician Network. “We are intentional about including our providers as partners in decision making from large strategic growth initiatives to the day-to-day details that impact their practices. This collaboration is very appealing to the type of providers we are recruiting. Today’s health care requires an all hands on deck approach.”

Another growth opportunity the organization is excited to take on is the opening of the new outpatient location for Physical Medicine and Sports Performance. The Center for Therapy and Sports Performance will be located at 2020 S. Clearview Drive in Vincennes and will open late January of 2020. “I am excited for the future of our therapy and sports medicine services,” said Schuckman. “We will be expanding our sports and physical therapy treatments and will also have a new, larger space for our pediatric therapy patients.”

After reviewing the hospital’s accomplishments for 2019, administration then presented their outlook and goals for the future. Some key initiatives Good Samaritan will focus on in 2020 include: continue focusing on improving patient safety and quality, as well as the patient experience; increase employee and provider engagement; increase community outreach and health initiatives; and control costs.

Recognizing the ongoing cost of leases with no return on investment over the past few years, Good Samaritan leadership has focused on a philosophy of ownership over lease arrangements. As such, hospital leadership has been in negotiation with the owners of the Medical Center of Vincennes (MCV) throughout 2019, as it is the largest lease Good Samaritan has under contract.

Focusing on growth for the future of the organization, the Board of Governors voted to purchase Chippecoke, commonly known as the Medical Center of Vincennes/Foundry building, for $2.485 million and Maison Blanc, known as MCV Pediatrics, for an additional $758,516. Closing is anticipated the first week of January with possession of the property to be immediate.

“We will be focusing on some upgrades that will encompass cosmetic, safety and ADA-related enhancements,” said Rob McLin, President and CEO. “These are beautiful buildings and we could not be more excited about entering into the ownership phase with the Medical Center of Vincennes and the amazing transformation taking place on both Main and First streets.

Good Samaritan hopes to control costs throughout the organization, while also increasing revenue in areas with expected volume increases. Next year’s budget is set to reflect a 3.7% operating margin for the year, based on increased outpatient volumes and reduced costs. The budget is developed to support the 2020 strategic plan that will focus on the growth of the residency programs, FQHC look-a-like status, strategic growth with the Samaritan Center and community health center, retail clinics, direct employer contracting and physician recruitment.

“Good Samaritan’s budget for 2020 is based on a continuation of the tremendous team effort to enhance our patient, visitor engagement/satisfaction and also to further raise the bar on the quality of care delivered,” said Thomas Cook, Chief Financial Officer. “Achievements in revenue cycle, productivity and cost management continue to be the foundation of the 2020 budget. We have an exceptional leadership team of directors, managers and supervisors that will allow us to meet our goals in the coming year.”

Another piece of the budget includes a 3% wage increase for employees. The result of the increase in wages is an additional total wage increase amount of $2.596 million added to the wage and salary expense. “We are tremendously pleased to be able to reward our employees for their hard work,” said Dean Wagoner, Vice President of Human Resources. “We are optimistic that 2020 will be a year of strong patient experience and high employee engagement. We will continue our focus on providing a great environment for our employees to serve our patients and to make a difference every day.”

In order to remain price competitive, Good Samaritan also announced an average rate increase for services at 2.71%. “In order to remain stable in this competitive health care market, we had to increase the costs of our services by a small percentage,” said Cook. “Even with this increase, our services are more affordable than surrounding hospitals of the same size.”

“The struggle to remain an independent health care organization is constantly increasing every year,” said McLin. “However, we as a senior leadership team are focused on growth and stability for the future. We are extremely fortunate to have a group of employees, providers and volunteers who are dedicated to providing safe and quality care to our patients. Good Samaritan is also blessed to be a part of a community that supports and encourages us to find new growth opportunities while creating partnerships to ensure we remain the number one health care provider in the area and strive toward becoming a regional center of excellence.”

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