Top 5 Myths About Joint Replacement Surgery

Joint Replacement Surgery

If you’ve experienced persistent aches and pains in your hip or knee, the consideration of undergoing joint-replacement has probably crossed your mind. There is quite a bit of helpful information on the internet, but there is also the perpetuation of misinformation. Here are a few of the most common misconceptions about the procedure:

Myth: I’m too young or too old for joint replacement surgery

There isn’t a specific age requirement or restriction when it comes to who is eligible for joint replacement. If you’re having issues with your joints, regardless of age, replacement is a viable option.

Myth: I should wait until I can no longer move my joint to consider replacement

When your pain begins to impact your ability to perform everyday tasks, you should consult with your primary care physician rather than waiting to the point of immobility.

Myth: If I get a joint replaced, it will wear out in a few years

While some may have concerns that having a knee or hip replaced at a younger age may require repeat surgeries in the future—with technological advancements, implants can last for many years (15-20).

Myth: Joint replacement will leave me with permanent restrictions after surgery

With an experienced surgeon and proper rehabilitation, people are generally able to have better joint function than they had before surgery.

If you previously had an active lifestyle, it is recommended that you avoid high impact activities like long-distance running, basketball, and soccer. However, you can continue to do activities that have a low impact on the joints like swimming, biking, double tennis, walking, and yoga.

Myth: I will be stuck in the hospital after surgery

Many believe that having a joint replaced will result in spending a week or more in the hospital after surgery. With advancements in technology, patients typically spend 1 or 2 days in the hospital for recovery before being able to go home.

Joint Replacement in Vincennes, IN

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