Good Samaritan To Purchase Makoplasty Total Knee Instrumentation

During Monday afternoon’s Board of Governors meeting, the board approved the purchase of Makoplasty total knee instruments.

In August 2016, Perioperative Services began utilizing the Mako Robotic total joint system. During this time, the unit purchased two sets of total knee instrumentation and two leg positioning holders that are sterilized between procedures. The process of preparing this equipment for each surgery takes approximately four hours.

“Since bringing the Mako Robotic total joint procedure to Good Samaritan in the fall of 2017, our overall total joint procedures has increased for the organization,” said Brenda Winkler, Director of Perioperative Services. “Purchasing additional equipment will allow the surgery department to keep up with the growing volume and ensure our patients do not experience unnecessary delays.”

In the middle of 2018, the unit began seeing an increase of the number of total knees completed in one day. With the instrument sets currently used by the department, completing three total knee procedures back-to-back in one day is difficult. Stryker, the company that makes the Mako Robotic total joint system and its instruments, has been loaning instrumentation to accommodate Perioperative Services needs.

The total cost for the instruments is $37,386.85; however, because of the sale of a piece of older equipment in the department of $10,000, the price of the equipment and the amount approved by the board was $27,386.85.

The new instrumentation purchased will allow Perioperative Services to complete more total knee surgeries each day, increasing hospital revenue and improving patient care.

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