Top 5 Worst Jobs for Your Joints

Some jobs can add more tension and pressure on your joints than others. Now you don't necessarily have to quit your day job to prevent future aches and pains, but you do need to exercise caution. Here's what to know when on the job:

Construction Workers

Construction workers are at an increased risk for developing joint injuries. Lifting heavy objects repeatedly over time can lead to overuse injuries such as tendonitis and stress fractures. They are also at a higher risk of sprains and strains when lifting large amounts of weight.

Proper lifting techniques are key to preventing injuries. Always bend at the knees, not the waist, when lifting and putting down heavy objects. It is also important to take frequent breaks to prevent chronic injuries that develop over time.

Professional Athletes

Whether you’re a football player or ballerina, constant strenuous physical activity can take a toll on your body. It’s important to remember that athletes are more prone to developing osteoarthritis and other joint disorders over time.

The following steps can help you to prevent joint damage:

  • Alternate the muscle groups that you exercise on different days

  • Warm-up before and cool-down after exercise

  • Use the proper equipment for your sport

  • Use proper technique

  • Do not exercise when in pain—take the necessary steps and time to rehabilitate

  • Designate rest days

At Good Samaritan, we offer Sports Performance services where athletes can be taught proper body mechanics and stretches to help protect the body from long-term damage.


Teachers, much like many other professions, spend most of their days on their feet. This can lead to the development of arthritis in the ankles and even stress fractures.

For people in these professions, it is important to wear the proper footwear to reduce stress on the ankles and feet.


As a professional musician, there are a lot of repetitive movements of the fingers, wrists, and elbows—this can cause overuse injuries to these joints.

Prevention all depends on the instrument you play. For starters, it's recommended that musicians learn the proper way to hold or use their instruments in a way that does not cause unnecessary stress on the joints. It is also useful to do simple hand exercises to strengthen the muscles.

Painters and Visual Artists

Painters, sculptors, and other visual artists use their hands and bodies to create their art. While this can result in beautiful pieces, this can also cause sprains, strains, and even lead to arthritis depending on the medium.

For large-scale sculptors, recommendations are similar to that of a construction worker—remember to bend at the knee to lift heavy materials and take frequent breaks. For painters and others doing tedious work with their fingers and wrists, it is important to use good posture and use regular hand exercises to strengthen the hand muscles.

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