Good Samaritan to Begin Construction on Hedde Education Center

During Thursday’s Board of Governors meeting, the Board approved the plans to begin construction of the Charles C. Hedde, MD Health Education Center on the Good Samaritan campus located at the corner of Seventh and Nicholas streets.

The 4,500 square-foot health center will accommodate approximately 244 occupants for stadium seating capacity and 144 occupants with tables and chairs set up. It will also allow for dividing the center into three separate conference rooms for additional training classes that can be utilized by hospital staff, the community and physician residents.

“We are excited to finally begin construction on the Charles C. Hedde, MD Health Education Center,” said Matthew Schuckman, Chief Administrative Officer. “Because of the hard work and commitment of our Foundation and our generous donors, this dream of the late Dr. Hedde can begin to take shape.”

The redesign of the education center was completed by Myszak and Palmer and the construction plan was sent out to eight potential bidders this past March for consideration. After careful review of all submissions, the project was awarded to Wolfe Construction who was the lowest bidder. The project is anticipated to cost approximately $2.4 million, which includes a 4% contingency, renovations, landscaping, furnishings and audio/visual equipment. Good Samaritan Foundation will be funding the entire cost of the project.

“We are extremely grateful for the donations to begin the construction of the Hedde Center,” said Gary Hackney, Director of Foundation. “Additional dollars are still needed to meet our goal and we welcome any and all contributions from our community.” Those interested in donating to the Charles C. Hedde, MD Health Education Center can do so by calling Good Samaritan Foundation at 812-885-3192 or by going online to

The foundation and structural steel work for the center is to begin this June with the anticipated final completion date to be approximately March 1, 2021.

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