• Chris H.

    When Chris H. attended the open house at the Good Samaritan Hospital Cancer Pavilion in 2008, he was impressed with the facilities but didn’t give them much thought ... Read More

  • Dwight H.

    Good Samaritan Hospital has saved the life of retired State Trooper Dwight H. once – and maybe more than once. Thirteen years ago, Dwight was sitting in his cruiser ... Read More

  • Sherry H.

    Holding a framed photograph of her smiling parents, Sherry H. starts to tear up as she remembers her late mother, Paula. “She loved meeting and talking to new ... Read More

  • Joe And Beth F.

    Joe and Beth F. have dedicated their lives to those in need. But after a series of hardships, they found themselves to be the ones in need. Born and raised in Bicknell, ... Read More

  • Marilyn W.

    Determination. Look up synonyms in the thesaurus and you will find “assurance,” “bravery,” “conviction,” “dedication” and ... Read More

  • Defy the Odds: Patient Highlight

    Stage IV lung cancer. If that does not bring you to your knees, let’s add brain cancer. And liver cancer. For most people, this is a recipe for despair. Stage IV ... Read More

  • Max S.

    Max S. has always reached out to others in need. “That’s just the way he is,” said his mother, Laura. “He always wants to help. Every time we walk ... Read More

  • Baily S.

    Cousins Allyson B., 8, Bailey S., 11, and William B., 6, have been a part of the March of Dimes ever since they were babies. When they were younger, their mothers called ... Read More

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