COVID-19 Recovery Stories

COVID-19 Recovery Stories

Dave Blann's Story

Dave was first diagnosed for COVID-19 on October 28, 2020, which also happened to be him and his wife’s anniversary. Dave was admitted to Good Samaritan’s ICU and ended up being on a ventilator for nine days. After 28 days in the ICU, Dave eventually spent 43 more in the hospital’s rehabilitation unit.

Dave's Story

Steven Pancake's Story

Steven began feeling sick, lost his taste and smell, and became extremely weak. Being married 51 years, Steven's wife, Anita, knew something was really wrong with her husband and it was more than just the common flu or cold. Steven was placed on a ventilator and was progressively getting worse each day. The odds were stacked against him as he had some preexisting conditions that made COVID affect him worse than others. “Everyone thought I was going to die.”

Steven's Story