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Daniel Demick, MD

About Daniel

Danny, originally from Chillicothe, OH, is dedicated to serving his community. A twelve time All-American wrestler, he has spent more than 300 hours working with young wrestlers helping to hone their skills and teach them character building lessons that will serve them beyond their wrestling careers. Danny is committed to utilizing research to better the lives of his patients and address gaps in medical care, especially in mental health. He has studied and written about emerging substances of abuse, specifically kratom, a partial mu opioid agonist. He has volunteered in clinics for the uninsured, traveled on mission trips, and worked with homeless populations. His passions include traveling, reading, craft beer, wrestling, football, baseball, weight lifting, hiking, camping, historical architecture, art, and music. After the Air Force, he plans a career in psychiatry.
  • Medical School
  • University of Louisville School of Medicine
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