Linda J. Linneweber, FNP-C

  • Nurse Practitioner

Board Certifications:

• American Academy of Nurse Practitioners

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Okay, when the aide brought in the prescription, she said it was 2 pills in the morning and 2 pills in the evening. I questioned that because the PA told me it was 1 in the morning and 1 in the evening and she goes "well, but this is what the prescription says", and I should have had her go and check because they called me after I picked up the prescription and had already taken the first 2 pills that I was indeed right. It should have been only 1 in the morning and 1in the evening. Other than tha
I was very happy with every aspect of the visit and care.
Hey, I was hoping to get some kind of an antibiotic to get over this sore throat, and she gave me some kind of a steroid which isn't doing anything was a useless trip. I'll never do it again. Thank you. Goodbye.
When I was in the convenient clinic, my estimated wait time was an hour. When checked in it was around 1400-1445. I ended up waiting to be seen for a little over two hours. Everything else about my experience was perfectly fine. Time was the only issue.
Yeah, checking in when you get into the clinic with the keypad is probably the most unsanitary thing I've ever seen in my life anybody in there sick and everybody has to touch the same thing whenever you check in. Just let me know. I know you're probably saving money by not paying somebody to be there, but not very sanitary.
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