Erica Story, NP-C

    4.5 out of 5 (358 Ratings, 39 comments)
  • Phone Number:812-254-4650
  • Nurse Practitioner
  • Family Practice

Board Certifications:

• American Academy of Nurse Practitioners

4.5 out of 5 (358 Ratings, 39 comments)

Patient Comments


Very very good.
Erica Story in the entire Collins staff has always been very thoughtful and caring for our family and our - my children since we've been sing them, and definitely would recommend them to anybody who is looking for a good provider for their family.
Friendly and courteous staff
Yes, I really appreciated the fact that she called me back after the culture came back. To let me know how I was. And I appreciate that very much. Thanks.
Erica Story was very, very knowledgeable, very helpful. We appreciated everything that she said and did to us, and we would definitely come back and see her again ourselves and we would encourage everyone that we know to come and see her. Thank you.
Erica Story was very compassionate and patient and thorough with my examination and all my questions.
Appreciate being able to get appointment within 2 days of requesting.
Erica Story listened and took her time with me. She is thorough and very nice. I am very pleased with my choice for primary care!
Yes my Erica Story we just love her so much she's a good person and very knowledgeable and answer our questions. She doesn't rush us or anything and we just love her.
Hi. I just love Erica. I think she just seems very knowledgeable and knows exactly what to say and she's just on top of things. Thank you.
We love the care that Erica provides for our kids and really enjoy her as our health provider with our kids and my wife enjoys her as her own. Recommend her most definitely. Thank you.
I love Erica Story's professionalism and her genuine care for me.
You guys were fantastic, it was just I did not care for my experience with Erica. She didn't really seem like she cared too much about why I was there or anything, so that's why my experience rating was so low, but the entire staff, everybody else was amazing, but I did not... did not care for Erica. Thank you.
Erica was very good about tending to my needs.
I typically see Erica Story when I visit Cullen Medical but have had interactions with some of the other health care providers there. I've always had positive experiences. In addition to the health care providers the other staff that I deal with are very pleasant, professional, and efficient. I highly recommend this group
Erica Story goes above and beyond to care for her patients. She always listened, she takes the time, she figures things out that other physicians may not have figured out, and she genuinely has a compassion that there is not a lot of providers that have.
Good N/P
Erica did a great job of making me feel really comfortable and taking the time to answer all of my questions... I really feel like she took the time to hear my concerns and helped me know my best options, of moving forward and knowing what I needed to do, so I would definitely recommend her to anyone she was just very kind and compassionate and helpful throughout my experience.
Cullen Medical is very Professional and their patients are treated with the best care possible.
I really like Erica a lot. I'm glad my baby has a really good doctor.
Erica is very knowledgeable about my illnesses and provides excellent care!
We love Erica, my wife and I both see her, yes we would definitely recommend her, she seems very caring, she seems to listen for what you're saying and she looks for the right diagnosis and we trust her 100 percent. Very, very good. Very, very good. Thank you.
Erica was so loving and caring and she did everything for me that she could have possibly done. Thank you.
Hi, Erica is the greatest, she listens and she answers all my questions and I, I've been going to her for a long time and I will continue to. OK, thank you.
Erica Story is extremely caring! She listens and is never in a hurry to push me through! Explains all my concerns and makes sure I get the best care! I have recommended her to several people!