Oluwagbenga Serrano, MD

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  • Gastroenterology


Dr. Serrano specializes in gastroenterology. He earned his medical degree from the University of Lagos in Nigeria and completed his fellowship in gastroenterology at the State University of New York Health Sciences Center.

Becoming a physician was an easy choice for Dr. Serrano since he wanted a profession where he could make a difference in the lives of others. “I decided to practice at Good Samaritan because it is a non-profit organization that is committed to helping its community,” stated Dr. Serrano. He and his wife, Hazel, have two children; a daughter who is attending Indiana University and a son who is at Purdue University. When he is not caring for his patients, Dr. Serrano enjoys traveling to historical places.

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Nurse and receptionist was very kind and helpful
The only problem I had with Dr. Serrano is he's a little hard to understand. I just wish he would slow down talking, you would be able to understand a lot more what he says, thank you.
Since I have been the first time I've ever seen this doctor, to me, he wasn't very friendly. He just kept these notes in the thing and tell me what, he never said, he never told me how he was going to do the procedure. His lady that set out front that made the appointments for the colonoscopy, she told me more than he did, so since I was the first time I've ever seen him I was a little disappointed that he didn't ask me if I had any questions or any concerns, he just kept his nose down in the paper that he
I think Dr. Serrano was a very capable doctor. I enjoyed being with him very much. I think you did a great job. He done great at getting me the referrals I need. I couldn't have asked for a better. Thank you very much.
I felt like a lab mouse and not a person. There was no personal communications. I felt as though the doctor was treating a chart and not a person.
The staff was very kind and compassionate. Very knowledgable and made me feel at ease.
Dr. Serrano was very good physician. I trust him as a doctor, but I could not understand almost anything that he said. If it were not for my spouse being with me I would have come away completely confused by what he said. But as a physician, I think that he's very good.
He's a pretty good doctor, but he was new so he didn't know I called my information. He asked me if I just started my treatment or not, and I was actually done with it and I couldn't understand him real well, but I'm not he was a good doctor.
Dr. Serrano was very friendly and I am hopeful.
He had a good side, bed side manner. I also appreciated his smile and his factual information on what my problems were.
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