Trudy Wessell, NP-C

    4.5 out of 5 (295 Ratings, 19 comments)
  • Phone Number:812-254-4650
  • Nurse Practitioner
  • Family Practice

Board Certifications:

• American Academy of Nurse Practitioners

4.5 out of 5 (295 Ratings, 19 comments)

Patient Comments


This is my primary health care provider. I have always received great treatment and met many friendly face. This is my only health care provider. Recently at my visit with my oncologist, I was released from any additional treatment and turned over to my primary health care provider for any additional services I might need.
Yes, Trudy Wessell was the good doctor, and she listens very well to your needs. Thank you. Bye.
The biggest thing was that I had to set the office for 30 minutes before I was seen, but once I was with them, it was very prompt - good service. So yeah, no complaints at all the care, it just took a while to be in there and we were on a tight schedule - so that was a little frustrating - but other than that, it was good.
I thought she was really thorough and listened to me well, so I was really happy with her. Thanks.
Trudy was a delight to take care of me while I was there. I would highly recommend her to anyone. Thank you very much.
I woke up feeling poorly and I suspected I had shingles because I had them years to go. I called out there, they got me right in and I was extremely pleased, and correct in my diagnosis. They started treatment right away and I couldn't have been more happy. Thank you.
Yes, she was very helpful and attended to all my problems I had, she's a good overall health provider.
Yes. Trudy was very good and very thorough with my condition. She took very good care. She took a lot of time to listen. She went beyond my general complaint to make sure there was nothing else that could be causing my problem. And she offered the ... you know, on what I thought was correct medical care, and I really appreciate being able to see her. Thank you.
She was great. She's a great doctor, great family physician. Okay, okay. Goodbye.
They took really care of me! They were all concerned for my well being and what they could do to find the answers for my condition!
I would ask for the provider to see the patient rather than just be student. She didn't give her a look after the student looked at her.
Very thankful for there quick advice and contacted erts as to our medical needs.
Trudy is really great, I love talking to her, she listens and she helps me out with all my issues.
Very good
She was very attentive in my needs, thank you.
I had a problem with my small toe on my foot. I had my shoe and sock off trying to show her what the problem was, she never looked, and told me I probably had gout.
I have recommend friends and family to cullen medical. The whole staff is wonderful. Every time I have called to schedule an appointment for my children or myself, I have gotten right in.
Always fabulous when I take the kids in to see Trudy. She always takes the time to listen even if it'll put her a few minutes behind, and I love that, and that's why all of my children are seen by her.
Very competent and professional.