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Defy the Odds: Patient Highlight

Good Samaritan Cancer CenterLaura didn’t have much time to think about her cancer diagnosis – she went from a routine colonoscopy to surgery the next day. But because of the care and concern of her doctors and nurses at Good Samaritan, she never once felt alone.

Laura’s life-saving colonoscopy was her first one. When she was 49, Laura promised a good friend who was battling colon cancer that she would schedule her exam as soon as she turned 50. Two weeks after her 50th birthday, Laura called Dr. Reginald Sandy, a Good Samaritan physician, to set up an appointment. On the scheduled day, he met her just as she was leaving the screening office.

“He told me that I had colon cancer. I was immediately admitted to the hospital, had a CAT scan, and the next morning I had a colon resection. As traumatizing as it was to hear the diagnosis, I never once doubted where I was,” she said.

Laura felt confident because of the care she received at Good Samaritan, starting with Dr. Sandy, who gave her complete information and answered her questions all while making the necessary arrangements for her hospitalization and surgery.  It continued after she reached her room and was greeted by the nurses there. “It was almost like I was their own mother. I didn’t ever feel like I was a burden or that they had answered those same questions a million times before,” she said.

Then, as she was taken to get her CT scan, she was greeted by a doctor in the elevator, who asked, “Are you Laura Hoke?” When Laura replied “yes,” the doctor continued: “Well, I’m your new doctor.”

When the doctor exited, Laura asked the orderly who she was. “He said, ‘Oh, that’s Dr. Bartlett. She’s an oncologist.’ And that’s when it hit me.  It had only been a matter of hours since I wasGood Samaritan Dr. Bartlett Cancer Pavilion diagnosed, and she recognized my name and made a point to reach out,” she said.

While Laura didn’t have much time to think about her condition before she had surgery, she knew she was in for the fight of her life: “Dr. Sandy told me that the type of cancer I had was aggressive, and one more month could’ve made the difference between surviving and not.”

Dr. Renee Bartlett’s steadfast support and care has given Laura the courage and strength she has needed. “She’s been awesome. She’s always made me feel as if whatever was on my mind was important to her, too,” Laura said. “The best thing about her, in my opinion, is the fact that she was able to talk to me at a level that I could understand and not assume that I would know the technical terms.”

Laura’s experience underscores the importance – the life-and-death importance – of screenings. “People think they can always wait to get it and it’s not always the wisest decision,” she stated.

Just look at what a routine screening has done for her. “I feel like the luckiest person in the world.”

Good Samaritan is committed to early detection to make sure cancer does not sneak up on you. Be proactive and schedule your regular screening today by contacting one of our offices below:

Breast Cancer Screening
Breast Care Center – 812.885.3627

Colorectal Cancer Screening
Reginald Sandy, DO & Naeem Raza, MD – 812.885.8770
Richard Walter, DO – 812.882.2703

Lung Cancer Screening

Ovarian Cancer Screening
Shalin Arnett, DO – 812.885.8030
William Mayfield, MD – 812.885.0041
Joseph Mohammed, MD – 812.886.9923
Thomas O’Rourke, MD & Thalia Pachiyannakis, MD – 812.882.1000

Urology Cancer Screenings
Urology Associates of Vincennes – 812.882.4320

For more information about screenings, diagnosis and treatment at Good Samaritan’s Cancer Center, call:

Breast Care Center 812- 885-3627
Infusion Department 812-885-3955
Radiation Oncology Department 812-885-3939

Good Samaritan Cancer Center. Defy the odds.