Good Samaritan's Center for Wound Healing Receives Center of Excellence Award

Good Samaritan is pleased to announce that The Good Samaritan Center for Wound Healing is a recipient of RestorixHealth’s newly launched Wound Center of Excellence awards. Recipients of this award meet or exceed national wound care quality benchmarks in areas including healing outcomes and safety, along with a patient satisfaction rate of 95% or higher.

“We are proud to be a recipient of this award that recognizes the hard work, dedication and quality of care the staff at the Center for Wound Healing provides to our patients every day,” said Shannon Pepmeier, Program Director.

A wound that fails to respond to treatment after four weeks or has not healed entirely in two months is considered to be a chronic wound. Often complicated by underlying conditions such as diabetes, circulation problems or previous cancer treatment, the simplest of wounds can turn into a significant problem because the body’s normal healing process is affected. Other types of chronic wounds result from pressure ulcers, trauma or infection. Chronic, non-healing wounds can have serious health consequences and may adversely affect a person’s quality of life.

Good Samaritan’s Center for Wound Healing provides care to those suffering from chronic wounds in a way no other provider can. Some wounds require advanced dressings or extensive treatments that are difficult to provide in a private office setting. Complex wounds may also require multiple additional therapies or experienced wound nurses to provide specialized care. A multi-disciplinary team of physicians and nurses offering the most advanced therapies available, including hyperbaric oxygen therapy, staffs Good Samaritan’s Center for Wound Healing.

The Center for Wound Healing is located at Good Samaritan and is open Monday – Friday from 8:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. For more information, please call 812.885.6780.

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