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Virtual Nursing

Caring For You Through Video Technology

  • Virtual nursing is Good Samaritan’s new program using video technology to add another level of nursing care to our team approach.
  • Virtual Care is technology that enables care delivery by incorporating virtual Registered Nurses and Virtual Safety Companions into the care team to keep you safe and provide quality care.
  • Virtual Care increases the frequency of direct care interactions leading to improved quality of care, patient safety, and overall satisfaction.

How It Works

  • The heart of the virtual care model is delivered right to your room.
  • The technology works with the TV in your room.
  • Every patient room has a communication camera, speaker and microphone that allows us to bring virtual nursing care to you and your loved ones.

You Are Always in Control

  • The virtual nurse will ask for permission before entering the room for a face-to-face interaction. You will always know when the camera is on or off. The camera is off when the rainbow circle of lights is no longer illuminated.

Protecting Your Privacy

  • Every member of our care team is dedicated to maintaining your privacy, safety, and security.
  • You will always know when the virtual care camera is in use as the circular Rainbow Light will illuminate anytime it is on.
  • The video camera and microphone will only be used to communicate with you. The camera will not be used to record at any time.
  • We will ask for your permission before entering the room for a face-to-face interaction

The Clinical Team Members

  • Bedside Registered Nurse – Coordinates the plan of care working with all members of the care team while delivering direct care at the bedside.
  • Virtual Registered Nurse – Collaborates with your care team to help plan and coordinate services, supports discharge planning, and provides patients with information and education.