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Patient Safety Saved My Nephew

  • Author: McKenzie L
  • Date Submitted: Mar 24, 2022
  • Category: ENT

“ Words cannot describe how thankful I am for them, and all they did that day! I am so proud to be an employee of Good Sam, and the amazing teams that are in place in every setting to ensure patient safety and the most amazing care. Thank you all again!”

In December 2020, my sister entrusted Good Samaritan Hospital to do a seemingly basic procedure for ear tubes and adenoid removal for my nephew. This turned out to be quite the opposite of basic. While the tubes went fantastic, upon trying to intubate him to check out his adenoids, he started to go into respiratory failure and stopped breathing. A code was called, and Dr. Sarah Jacob, Dr. Navid Etemadi, and the whole team completely saved him that day.

They immediately took action, and started doing everything in their power to help him begin breathing again and ultimately pulling him through. Without a second of a doubt, these two were undeniably absolutely amazing. They stayed with him and his parents through the whole process of transferring him to Indy, and went as far as to check up multiple times a day until he was back home and safe.