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Individual Membership Program

Once a Year Payment for Primary Care Services in Knox County

Your health care is important to us and now it is easier to receive the care you deserve, at a price you can afford. You can obtain basic primary care services for a one time yearly payment of $350. The Wellness Matters Individual Membership Program allows you to visit our office for a co-payment of $20 with access to a select inventory of generic medications, all priced at $10 each.

The Individual Membership Program delivered through Wellness Matters also offers select clinical lab tests to you at no additional cost. The opportunity to receive world-class health care at a reduced price is now available to our community through the Wellness Matters Clinic.

Call us at 812-885-8945 to sign up today!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Wellness Matters Clinic?

The Wellness Matters Clinic is a primary care office owned and operated by Good Samaritan. Unlike other local primary care offices, the only patients seen are those that have a contractual relationship with us. For example, health plan participants for an employer can contract with us for our services. We are not available to the general public.

What Is an Individual Membership?

Due to the rising frequency of high deductible health plans in the market place, we have decided to offer an annual membership plan to individuals. This annual membership program offers you access to our clinic providers and services for a low annual fee.

Is This Program a Substitute for Health Insurance?

No. The Individual Membership Program is not health insurance. This is a membership program that offers you access to affordable primary care services at discounted rates.

Do I Still Need Health Insurance if I Purchase an Individual Membership From the Wellness Matters Clinic?

Yes. Due to recent changes, all citizens are required by law to purchase health insurance coverage. However, your membership fee plus the low per-visit charge covers the vast majority of your care at the Wellness Matters Clinic. A major medical policy can provide you financial protection against catastrophic health events such as major illness or accidents requiring hospital stays and extensive medical coverage.

What Locations and Providers Can I See With the Membership?

All services are provided through the Wellness Matters Clinic located at 1813 Willow Street, Vincennes, Indiana. Services provided by any other provider or facility are NOT part of the membership program.

What if I Need to See a Specialist or Go to the Hospital?

We will coordinate your referral to a specialist or to Good Samaritan when needed. However, such referred services are not part of the Individual Membership Program and each member will be responsible for any and all additional charges associated with the referred services. This is why we recommend having a major medical health insurance plan.

Do You Take “Walk-Ins”?

All visits are by appointment only.

How Do I Receive My Prescriptions?

We offer a select inventory of generic medications on-site for purchase or we can call in your prescription to the pharmacy of your choice.

How Can the Individual Membership Program Work With a High Deductible Health Plan?

You can purchase a high deductible health plan through the insurance marketplace or from your employer at a low-cost and purchase our membership program for all your regular primary care needs. Doing this option is less expensive than purchasing a low deductible program with a large network of providers. Each situation is different for each person. We suggest that you work with your health insurance agent to see what works the best for you and your family.

What Services Are Covered?

The services covered are listed in our Program Agreement (Terms and Conditions). Please take the time to read this document in its entirety to get a thorough understanding of the specific details of our membership program.