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Foot Care Services in Indiana & Illinois Counties

Podiatrists specialize in caring for the feet, ankle and lower legs. Whether it’s infection, injury or aging, there are several conditions that can affect these areas. While they are not usually life-threatening, they can be very painful. Treatment for foot issues usually involves medication, physical therapy, or, in rare cases, surgery.

At Good Samaritan, We Provide the Following Podiatry Services:

  • Bunionectomy – This procedure removes excess tissue on the big toe that causes irritation and pain. Most bunions can be treated with medication, but minor surgery is needed in some cases.
  • Endoscopic Heel Surgery – Minimally invasive surgery using an endoscope to correct deformities in the heel.
  • Excision of Planter Warts – Plantar warts are small growths that usually appear around the heel. Though they usually heal on their own, some people prefer to have them removed quicker through minor surgery.
  • Hammertoe Repair – A hammertoe is an abnormal bend that occurs in a toe which can make it difficult to walk. Conservative treatments such as pads and stretches can often correct hammertoe, but surgery is sometimes required.
  • Heel Spur Excision – Heel spurs are abnormal growths of bone in the heel caused by tissue inflammation. Orthotics can often pad the heel and reduce inflammation, but surgery may be required for a faster treatment.
  • Ingrown Toenail Removal – An ingrown toenail is a painful condition usually caused by clipping toenails too short. This causes the nail to grow into the skin, cutting into the toe and leaving you open to infection. Anti-fungal infection can treat ingrown toenails when they are caught early. Permanent nail removal may be needed in extreme cases.
  • Neuroma Excision – Neuromas are a thickening of the nerves that can result in a painful, burning feeling in the foot. They can be treated with medication, orthotics, injection therapy and other conservative treatments. Surgery may be required if nothing else works.

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