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Caregiver Recognition

Honor a Caregiver

Express gratitude to a caregiver that has made a difference

At Good Samaritan, our dedicated staff wears a collection of special pins that proudly adorn their lapels and badges. Among these, there is one pin that holds a unique significance - a gleaming blue and white pin adorned with helping hands. What sets this pin apart is that it is not awarded by Good Samaritan; it is awarded by the patients and families themselves.

Behind each of these pins lies a powerful personal story - tales of lives saved, acts of extraordinary kindness during moments of vulnerability, and journeys towards finding peace. These stories are made possible by the caring individuals at Good Samaritan: receptionists, environmental services, nurses, doctors, and other compassionate caregivers who become beacons of light in challenging times.

Has a caregiver at Good Samaritan made a difference for you or your family? If so, you have the opportunity to honor that special person in a highly visible and meaningful way through Good Samaritan's Caregiver Recognition Program.

It's More Than Just a Pin.

By participating in the Good Samaritan Caregiver Recognition Program, you not only pay tribute to a deserving caregiver, you also play a vital role in ensuring that world-class healthcare remains accessible right here at in our community.

To honor a caregiver who made a difference in your life, simply write their name in the space provided. Include your tax-deductible gift, payable to Good Samaritan Hospital Foundation (328 N. 2nd Street, Suite 201), and mail it. Alternatively, you can make your gift conveniently online at While you're there, take a moment to type a personal message for the caregiver you've chosen to honor.

We will proudly present your awardee with a custom-crafted pin during a staff meeting, ensuring a well-deserved moment of recognition. In addition, we will send a heartfelt note of thanks in your name, expressing your appreciation (rest assured, the amount of your gift will remain confidential, known only to you and your budget).

Has there been an extraordinary caregiver in your life? Now is your chance to publicly recognize and express your gratitude by making a Caregiver Recognition gift.

Join us in recognizing the exceptional care and unwavering compassion that define the Good Samaritan community. Together we can ensure that the future of healthcare remains bright.