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Honoring Glennda and Sam: A Journey with Good Samaritan Hospice

  • Date Submitted: May 7, 2024
  • Category: Hospice

“ The hospice team at Good Samaritan is like family. They will always hold a special place in our hearts for guiding our parents home and inspiring me along the way.”

In many families, there are stories woven with threads of love, resilience, and a commitment to community. The story of Glennda and Sam Beard is no different, as recounted by their daughter Chele Staley. Their journey not only illuminates the beauty of familial bonds but also highlights the invaluable support provided by Good Samaritan Hospice during their final chapters.

Glennda and Sam were quintessential products of their upbringing in Flat Rock and Robinson, Illinois. Their roots ran deep in the soil of their hometown, nurturing a love for family, tradition, and hard work. Together, they cultivated a life steeped in simple joys — from tending to their garden and farm animals to crafting handmade treasures for loved ones.

Despite the demands of full-time jobs, Glennda and Sam prioritized family and community. Glennda's tenure at The Hershey Company, alongside Sam's diverse career path from the Army to steel mills and construction, spoke volumes about their work ethic and dedication. They raised three children — Denise, Michelle (Chele), and Scott — instilling in them values of compassion and generosity.

In June of 2021, both Glennda and Sam faced health challenges that eventually led them to consider hospice care. With unwavering support from their doctor and the guidance of Good Samaritan Hospice, they embraced this transition with courage and grace. The hospice team, which included compassionate individuals like Ashton Young, Judy Culp, and Anna Freeman, provided not just medical support but also a sense of comfort and understanding.

Glennda received hospice care for a year before she passed in June of 2022 after having a stroke. Sam received hospice care from June 2021 to January 2023 for his COPD, which stabilized to the point of being discharged from hospice. Shortly after his discharge, Sam had a heart attack and passed in March of 2023.

Chele reflects on this time with gratitude, acknowledging the profound impact of hospice care on her family's journey. "The services and support for not only the client but for their family cannot be measured," she shares. "They are caring, compassionate, and never make you feel anything but loved."

Following her parents' passing, Chele found solace and purpose in her grief. Inspired by the compassion shown by the Good Samaritan team, she embarked on a path of service as a certified End of Life Doula and Direct Support Professional. The legacy of her parents lives on through her dedication to caring for others in their final moments.

In recounting her family's experience, Chele emphasizes the deep gratitude she holds for Good Samaritan Hospice. "The hospice team at Good Samaritan is like family," she says. "They will always hold a special place in our hearts for guiding our parents home and inspiring me along the way."