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Spiritual Services

Spiritual Counseling for Patients of All Faith at Good Samaritan

Hospitalization can be full of uncertainty. It can be hard to navigate these times and the importance of a strong support system cannot be overstated. Because personal faith for many people is an important part of that support system, Good Samaritan ensures an environment that makes patients and family members feel comfortable practicing their faith. The Chaplain at Good Samaritan is here to offer services that help care for your spiritual needs and to help promote wholeness and healing. Our Chaplain is available to support patients and families as well as hospital staff.

We want to work as a support system that works with you and your faith to find strength, peace and hope. With respect to individual religious and cultural beliefs, we hope to promote healing and provide a safe place for practicing your faith.

Everyone is welcome to attend the noon prayer every Thursday at 12 p.m. at the Chapel located in the Health Pavilion. While you are in the hospital, you can also call to hear the daily scripture reading by calling 3350 from your room.

Notifying Your Congregation

If you have a personal faith or belong to a local congregation or faith group, we encourage you to contact them directly to inform them of your hospitalization, or we are happy to work with them as well. Your own minister is welcome and encouraged to visit you at the hospital and conduct faith practices with you. If requested, our Chaplain will contact your congregation and ensure they are aware of your hospitalization at Good Samaritan. To request these services, simply ask the nursing staff to request a visit from the Chaplain.


The Chapel is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and is located on the first floor of the Health Pavilion next to Starbucks. If you have a prayer request please write the request in the book near the Chapel door. All prayers included in the book are prayed for during the Thursday noon prayer service.

Contact Us

Trevor Murry, Good Samaritan Chaplain
812-885-3190 |

The Chaplain is on-site Monday – Friday 8:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. and on-call at all other times.

To request a Chaplain visit:

  • Notify your nurse
  • Call the Good Samaritan switchboard (0 from within the hospital or 812-882-5220 from outside the hospital)
  • Call the Chaplain’s Office directly at 812-885-3190