Defy the Odds with Good Samaritan's Cancer Center

Cancer is a formidable enemy, but it does not have to prevail. Early detection is key to positive outcomes, and Good Samaritan has advanced screening equipment and techniques to detect cancer in its earliest stages. But if you need us to pull out the big guns, we also have the expertise, technology and services to help you wage war and defy the odds.

The Good Samaritan Cancer Center is accredited by the American College of Surgeons Commission on Cancer. We specialize in advance diagnosis and treatment of many kinds of cancer, and we offer comprehensive care and a range of services so that patients who are diagnosed with cancer can receive all of their treatment close to home.

Good Samaritan has highly trained board-certified oncologists to diagnose and treat the disease, and experienced specialists in a range of fields, such as pulmonary, cardiology and gynecology, to offer additional perspectives on how to provide you with the very best of care. Every person receiving treatment at the Cancer Center is assisted by an oncology nurse navigator, who helps them every step of the way.

To understand Good Samaritan’s approach to cancer, let’s look at two of the most common forms of the disease: lung and breast cancer. Lung cancer is the No. 1 cancer killer for both men and women in the U.S., killing more people every year than breast, prostate and colon cancers combined. Nearly three out of four lung cancers are diagnosed at stages III or IV because many times symptoms do not occur until the disease has progressed and has become difficult to manage effectively.

However, new screening techniques with Low Dose CT (LDCT) scanning can help catch lung cancer early, at its most curative state. Good Samaritan has implemented a Lung Screening Program for patients who are at high risk of the disease because for the first time, we have found that those who undergo Low Dose CT scanning, as opposed to standard chest X-rays, have a 20 percent reduction in death from lung cancer.

If a patient needs further testing in the form of tissue sampling, Good Samaritan has the latest endobronchial ultrasound (EBUS) technology, which allows pulmonologists to obtain tissue or fluid samples from the lungs and surrounding lymph nodes without conventional surgery. This not only allows the physician real-time imaging of the surface of the airways, blood vessels, lungs, and lymph nodes but does not require an incision.

Similar advances have been made with breast cancer detection at Good Samaritan. While breast cancer is the second leading cause of death among women, it is the most commonly diagnosed cancer in women. Early detection, via self-exam and mammography, catch a lot of early cancers, and at Good Samaritan, we are committed to ensuring that women in Knox and surrounding counties receive annual mammograms regardless of their ability to pay for them.

Every woman who receives a mammogram at Good Samaritan receives a 3-D tomosynthesis mammography, a new technology that takes multiple images to provide a three-dimensional image of the breast. This allows our specialists to pinpoint and treat tumors that may be too small to detect through other traditional methods. And when mammography and ultrasound results are inconclusive, the Breast Specific Gamma Imaging (BSGI) system can detect cancers as small as a grain of sand.

If a malignancy is detected, breast cancer is treated with surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, hormonal therapy and immunotherapy. Good Samaritan offers a full range of treatment options, including partial breast brachytherapy, a newer form of radiation therapy and an alternative to traditional whole-breast external beam radiation therapy.

However you need Good Samaritan, we are here – with medical expertise, cutting-edge technology and big hearts. We will ensure that you understand the treatment options that available to you, and our caring experts can help you make those decisions.

We are committed to early detection to make sure cancer does not sneak up on you. So work with us. Be proactive and schedule your regular screening today by contacting one of our offices below:

Breast Cancer Screening
Breast Care Center – 812.885.3627

Colorectal Cancer Screening
Reginald Sandy, DO & Naeem Raza, MD – 812.885.8770
Richard Walter, DO – 812.882.2703

Lung Cancer Screening

Ovarian Cancer Screening
Shalin Arnett, DO – 812.885.8030
William Mayfield, MD – 812.885.0041
Joseph Mohammed, MD – 812.886.9923
Thomas O’Rourke, MD & Thalia Pachiyannakis, MD – 812.882.1000

Urology Cancer Screenings
Urology Associates of Vincennes - 812.882.4320

For more information about screenings, diagnosis and treatment at Good Samaritan’s Cancer Center, call:

Breast Care Center 812- 885-3627
Infusion Department 812-885-3955
Radiation Oncology Department 812-885-3939

Good Samaritan Cancer Center. Defy the odds.

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