Good Samaritan's Free "Spring Screenings" Women's Health Event Celebrating Ten Years

Good Samaritan’s tenth annual women’s health event is a night devoted to women in the community. This event focuses on women’s needs, giving them a chance to be pampered while learning more about the importance of maintaining good health.

This year’s Spring Screenings event will take place on Tuesday, June 2, from 4:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. at Highland Woods Community Center. It will feature a variety of booths from hospital departments. Valuable health information will be the highlight of the event.

These screenings give women the opportunity to become more aware of their current health status at absolutely no cost. This event reminds women of the vital importance of taking care of themselves and achieving overall wellness.

Free screenings will be offered to all women so they can get their health on track.

“I encourage all women in the area to come out and take advantage of the free blood screenings offered at this event,” said Tracy Snyder, Director of Laboratory at Good Samaritan. “We are encouraging everyone in the community to focus on wellness, and this is a great way to know your numbers!”

The screenings include bone density, blood pressure, blood sugar, cholesterol (LDL and HDL), colorectal take-home kits, glomerular filtration rate (kidney function) and more. Fasting for 10 to 12 hours before these screenings is recommended, but not required. Multiple hospital department booths will be available offering information about certain health risks women face.

Information about osteoporosis, joint replacement education, diet and exercise, tobacco education, cancer prevention and more will be offered. Clinicians will also be educating about breast health along with women’s overall health.

“This is a great opportunity for women in our community,” stated Rob McLin, President and CEO of Good Samaritan. “In order to increase the number of screenings, we make it a goal to provide more booths and new information each year. This is open to women of all ages and I strongly encourage each and every one to come to the health screenings.”

Women owe it to themselves to take the initiative and stay informed about their health status. The Spring Screenings event on June 2 is a great time for women to achieve all of these things and more.

Reservations are not required; however if you would like more information about the event please call 812-885-3336.

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