Good Samaritan To Give Presentation On Primary Care to Patient-Centered Care

In the U.S., 18% of the population—nearly 50 million Americans—lives in poverty, up from 11% in 2000. More than 250 communities across 50 states use aha! Process concepts to combat poverty at the individual, community and institutional levels.

aha! Process’s annual Addressing the Challenges of Poverty conference brings together local and national groups to explore best practices to alleviate poverty. Attendees at this year’s conference will network and share ideas with the goal of creating healthier, stronger communities, colleges and schools. Jane Russell, Director of Continuum of Care, will present Good Samaritan’s efforts towards Patient-Centered Care at this conference on October 6 in Cincinnati. “This is a great opportunity to showcase our efforts to other organizations,” stated Russell. “We have worked hard to reach out to our patients in need and advocate for them on their behalf.”

Good Samaritan transformed its Primary Care Clinic, to a patient-centered medical home (PCMH). PCMH patients work with a nurse navigator, social worker and nurse practitioner to attain their health care goals. The nurse practitioner is the primary care provider. Nurse navigators advocate for and assist their patients in maneuvering the health care system. The social worker assists with benefits, resources and social needs (food, housing, employment). This team approach ensures that the patient receives the right care at the right time.

Dr. Ruby K. Payne, president of aha! Process, said, “This event will showcase some of the exciting work being done by our partner communities so that everyone working on the front lines of poverty can benefit.”

aha! Process works across all sectors of a community to address the root causes of poverty, support individuals as they build resources, and achieve a sustainable community where everyone can live well. For more than 15 years, Bridges Out of Poverty concepts have helped communities and organizations around the world better understand poverty and eliminate barriers for thousands of under-resourced individuals.

Sponsors of this year’s Addressing the Challenges of Poverty conference include CharityTracker, MPOWR, Mercy Health, and Beacon Voice.

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