BEACON Project on Schedule and Emergency Room Renovations Planned for Good Samaritan

Construction is on track throughout the BEACON Project as reported by Matt Schuckman, Vice President of Operations, during Tuesday night’s board meeting. Renovations throughout Columbian Tower East are nearing completion and the LaSalle Behavioral Health space remodel is under way.

The demolition of older buildings is still on schedule for the first quarter of 2017. Gibault, Memorial, Willis and LaSalle School will come down in 2017 allowing more space for employee and patient parking.

The new home within the hospital for Vincennes Orthopaedics Surgery Clinic is almost complete. Doctors Molly Weiss, Gregory Whitsett and David Miller will begin seeing patients in their new office at Good Samaritan beginning September 26. The new office is located in Good Samaritan’s Health Pavilion and can be accessed through the Same Day Surgery entrance. Along with the new location, the office will also have a new name – Vincennes Orthopedics. Physical therapy will also continue to be offered to Vincennes Orthopedics patients in the office in a larger space.

“We are very excited to be opening a brand new space for orthopedics within the hospital,” stated Rob McLin, President and CEO. “This move will be great in many aspects, including being more convenient for patients who need additional services in the hospital, such as MRI or CT scan, as well as being more convenient for our physicians to be here at the hospital for quick access to operating rooms and to visit their patients in the hospital. Orthopedics is also a fast growing service line so more office space was needed.”

Patients of Vincennes Orthopedics will also have new amenities when coming to the new center for appointments. "Patients will be able to utilize free valet parking, which will be a huge benefit for patients suffering from joint problems or who are post-surgery coming to the office for a follow-up or physical therapy,” stated Schuckman. "Another convenience of the new location, for those who choose to park their vehicle in the parking lot on their own, is a courtesy golf cart attendant that will pick patients and visitors up at their car to drive them to the front door, saving them a walk to the building. Easy access for our patients is a top priority, which is why we are proud to offer these free services to our patients.” Door-side drop off will also be an option for orthopedics patients.

Renovations for the Emergency Department are also in the near future. Although not in the original BEACON plans, the construction of three “fast-track” bays for less acute patients will improve the safety of patients and staff, and provide a more efficient ER. “The improvements planned for the Emergency Department will allow the staff to see patients faster,” said Vicki Potts, Director of Acute Care. “Individuals who currently come in with dental pain or need a prescription refilled have to wait longer because we are busy with more critical patients. After the remodel, these fast-track bays will allow for our less acute care patients to be seen much quicker.”

Patients in the new area will be seen by a physician assistant and nurse specifically dedicated to the new space. The work in the ER will begin mid-September and is expected to take approximately nine weeks to complete. The work will take place in three phases, allowing three weeks per phase.

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