Good Samaritan Foundation Provides Free Sunscreen To Local Swimming Parks

The most deadly form of skin cancer, melanoma can be prevented by staying covered. That means applying sunscreen generously and often, wearing protective clothing and avoiding excess sun exposure between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m.

Protection from the sun is especially important for babies and children, who are much more sensitive to the sun than adults. That is why Good Samaritan has taken the initiative to protect area children from the sun by providing free sunscreen at Rainbow Beach Aquatic Center in Vincennes and North Knox Swimland in Bicknell.

Susan Yochum, RN, Wellness Nurse at Good Samaritan brought the need for sunscreen to the attention of Gary Hackney, Director of Foundation and Beth Glemser, RN, Director of Oncology. Together they decided that sunscreen, a proven skin cancer prevention measure, was needed at the local swimming parks. Glemser decided that the expense of sunscreen dispensers could be purchased with her department’s Cancer Initiatives Fund for each location.

With the help of Steve Beaman, Vincennes Parks Department Superintendent, the group found a supplier that would provide free dispensers with the purchase of sunscreen. “Using sunscreen regularly can decrease a person’s chance of cancer dramatically,” stated Glemser. “We wanted to ensure that every person visiting the local swimming parks had access to free sunscreen since it is a vital part of keeping your skin healthy.”

Free sunscreen dispensers have been installed at Rainbow Beach in Vincennes and Swimland in Bicknell. The easy-to-use devices are perfect for all visitors at any age. “This is a great example of our organization seeing a need, working together with the community, and doing what is necessary to quickly meet the need,” added Hackney. “The Good Samaritan Foundation would not be able to provide this type of support without the efforts of our generous donors.”

If you would like to show your support for the community and Good Samaritan, please contact Gary Hackney at 812-885-3377 or by email at You can also make online donations by visiting

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