Good Samaritan Joins Excelerate - A Joint Venture Between Cleveland Clinic and Vizient, Inc.

Quality over cost is the mantra for Good Samaritan’s Materials Management Department. In an effort to obtain the best quality medical equipment and supplies, with the best outcomes, Good Samaritan has joined Excelerate Strategic Health Sourcing. Excelerate is a provider-led, joint venture between the Cleveland Clinic and Vizient, Inc. that delivers significant and sustainable savings to health care organizations through a physician engaged sourcing model to purchase medical supplies, ranging from bandages to joint implants.

Good Samaritan will utilize all of Excelerate’s contracts with a focus on its’ physician preference and clinical preference portfolios. These portfolios will offer a unique, physician-driven and evidence-based approach to sourcing for medical equipment and supplies ­– finding the best products with the best patient outcomes. The portfolios immediately reduce variation, deliver supply savings and facilitate physician alignment to reduce health care costs while delivering high-quality outcomes for patients.

“The vision of Good Samaritan is to be the regional center of excellence in health and wellness. I believe in order to achieve this vision, partnerships and collaborations with world renowned organizations gives us the greatest opportunity to become world class,” stated Rob McLin, President and CEO of Good Samaritan. “Any time Good Samaritan is able to collaborate with establishments like the Cleveland Clinic and Excelerate, we embrace it with a desire to grow, improve and learn from best in class organizations.”

Excelerate also offers its members peer-to-peer engagement; where physicians consult with one another on clinical decisions, share data, and review clinically proven supply utilization and standardization guidelines. “Our physicians and our staff will be key drivers of this program, which will definitely support our goal of providing world-class care for our patients,” said Jan Beesley, Director of Materials Management. “We are excited about our partnership with Excelerate and the Cleveland Clinic and embrace the model of evidence-based, physician-driven and patient-centered decisions regarding the equipment and supplies utilized at Good Samaritan.”

“Good Samaritan is a prime example of what Excelerate can deliver with a highly-engaged strategic health system partner,” said Sean Lyden, MD, Chief Medical Officer for Excelerate and Department Chair of Vascular Surgery for the Cleveland Clinic. “Excelerate and its members have been able to benefit from its revolutionary physician-engaged platform while reducing supply variation through clinically- vetted portfolios. We are thrilled to welcome Good Samaritan to Excelerate and look forward to partnering further in advancing care quality and efficiencies.”

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