Good Samaritan Presents Budget for 2017

The Good Samaritan Board of Governors approved the hospital’s operating budget for 2017 at Tuesday night’s board meeting, which included a 4% wage increase for employees. Vice President of Human Resources, Dean Wagoner, stated that this significant raise stems from the hard work and dedication that hospital employees show every day. “Our employees have continuously delivered outstanding patient care and support services through challenging times over the past couple of years and we commend them for their amazing work.”

The result of the increase in wages is an additional total wage increase amount of $3.3 million added to the wage and salary expense. “We felt that it was time to give back to our employees,” added Rob McLin, President and CEO. “Even through big changes like the building project and our conversion to a new electronic medical record system, our team has proven their commitment to our patients and community. It’s this commitment and dedication of our employees that makes Good Samaritan a world class hospital.”

The budget also highlights the organization’s continued focus on the care and safety of its patients and improving the health and wellness of the communities the hospital proudly serves. There is a 3.25% operating margin based on increased volumes and reduced costs. The budget reflects Good Samaritan’s commitment to offering higher quality health care combined with cost-effective and state-of-the-art care.

As a testament to the hospital’s mission to provide quality health care to everyone, regardless of ability to pay, the budget anticipates more than $11 million in charity medical care during the year. Thomas Cook, Chief Financial Officer stated, “Although more people have health insurance now than they have in years past, there is still a large need in our community for free health care services. Continuing to invest in charity care allows us to fulfill our mission to provide excellent health care by promoting wellness and healing through trusting relationships.” The focus of Good Samaritan is on assuring everyone in our community has access to the highest quality health care. The Primary Care Clinic, a health office that provides care to uninsured patients, has had more than 3,265 visits in 2016 so far. Community Health Services (CHS) are also providing health screenings in Knox and surrounding counties. To date, CHS has provided 22,215 screenings to 15,074 people that may have otherwise not received any health care.

Optimism reigns with new specialty relationships in inpatient and outpatient care with the arrival of a new orthopedic surgeon, Dr. David Miller, and the move of Vincennes Orthopedics to its new location. Samaritan Center physician, Dr. Allie Thomas-Fannin’s arrival, along with the addition of four nurse practitioners, has allowed psychiatric services to increase. Dr. Elizabeth Ashworth has also been successful in raising patient volumes in cardiology with her thoracic and vascular services. The projected number of inpatient admissions is expected to increase in 2017 by 8.9%.

“The hospital’s budget for 2017 is based on positive outpatient growth as particularly seen in the outpatient area in 2016 and is anticipated to continue through the coming year,” added Cook. “We have welcomed three new physicians this year and look forward to even more additions to the medical staff throughout 2017.” Recruitment of neurology, family practice, internal medicine and cardiology will allow the hospital to remain optimistic for growth in the next few years. Because of the physician additions in 2016, Good Samaritan projects an 8.4% increase in volumes in 2017 in outpatient areas.

The budget will also reflect the growth of the Samaritan Center by 25.23%, Rehabilitation Center by 3.37% and general hospital growth of 5.64%. Some of the growth centers on the expansion and update of the Rehabilitation Center and Vincennes Orthopedics.

In order to remain price and cost competitive, Good Samaritan announced an average rate increase for services at 3.34%. “We know the high costs of today’s health care system and the effects it has on individuals and employers,” said Cook. “We value the trust and loyalty of our patients and will continue to keep our costs lower and more affordable for our community.”

Good Samaritan understands that the world of health care is constantly changing and with new government leaders in power, those changes will continue to increase,” stated McLin. “We try to remain on the forefront of change and continue to move forward. Our employees and physicians understand the importance of our mission and we will strive to remain the best choice for health care in our region.”

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