Good Samaritan's Board of Governors Meeting Features New Equipment Purchases

The agenda for Tuesday night’s Good Samaritan’s Board of Governors meeting was packed full. In addition to the financial reports and medical staff approvals, a presentation was made on a donation used to purchase new equipment.

The board was informed of a recent purchase of two state-of-the-art ultrasound machines donated by the Good Samaritan Auxiliary to the Emergency Department. In emergency situations, seconds matter. When a patient is admitted to the emergency room at Good Samaritan, a plan of care needs to quickly be determined. Having equipment on-site and ready for use helps staff identify the health condition faster, and ultimately save more lives.

The ultrasound machines in Good Samaritan’s emergency department were beginning to show some wear and tear after being used heavily for the last ten years. Looking to replace the older machines, emergency department staff asked the Auxiliary for funds to purchase new ultrasound equipment.

“We use ultrasound for our trauma, septic and acutely ill patients,” said Vicki Potts, Director of Acute Care at Good Samaritan. “Additionally, nurses use the ultrasound for IV placement, abscesses and more. There are so many things that we use ultrasound for and we needed to update our equipment so it could be used on even more patients.”

Seeing how important it was to update this equipment, Good Samaritan’s Auxiliary decided to help out. “ER and Trauma had a need for an updated ultrasound machine,” said Jo Ella Coots, Director of Volunteer Services. “With the knowledge of this need and the fact that we have been certified as a Level III Trauma Center, the Auxiliary knew it was something they could help with.”

Good Samaritan’s Auxiliary is made up of hospital volunteers and supports the hospital’s mission by providing assistance to benefit staff, patients and families. In 2016, volunteers worked 19,196 hours throughout the hospital and in various departments. This amount of volunteer hours is equal to nine full time employees. The funds raised from gift shop sales and monthly fundraisers are invested back into the hospital to help with the purchase of needed medical equipment and technology.

Also at the meeting, the board approved the Laboratory Department’s request to purchase a new urinalysis machine. The Arkray Aution Hybrid AU-4050 Urinalysis Analyzer will allow Good Samaritan’s laboratory to provide automation within the Urinalysis Department. The purchase of this piece of equipment will bring time savings to the technologists, as well as shortened turn-around-times for testing.

“We perform an average of 1,500 Urinalysis tests per month equaling almost 20,000 tests a year,” said Tracy Snyder, Director of Laboratory. “The purchase of a new instrument will replace an older machine that is over 10 years old.” The new machine will allow Good Samaritan’s laboratory to increase the amount of tests performed each month.

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