Good Samaritan Board of Governors Approves Purchase of New Digital Radiology Equipment

During Tuesday night’s meeting, Good Samaritan’s Board of Governors approved the purchase of new digital x-ray equipment and the remodel of associated radiology space. This budgeted purchase includes the cost of the new equipment, removal of the existing machines and the renovation of the radiology space for a total of $552,480.

In 2014, Good Samaritan partnered with Carestream Health as part of a three (3) year plan to convert to digital imaging for routine x-rays. The purchase of two new radiographic rooms and digital x-ray systems will be the final step in completing the plan. Carestream’s fully automated system reduces fatigue and repetitive stress injuries for technologists while providing the highest quality images for the patients at Good Samaritan.

The new radiology equipment, Carestream DRX-Evolution Plus, provides greater flexibility, auto-positioning, motorized floor rail and other customized features that will ease the physical movements of the technologist during an exam. The use of a single vendor platform throughout the hospital will also help to ensure image consistency and technologist ease of use.

“Moving toward a digital x-ray system will help our patients and technologists,” said Mark Schafer, Director of Radiology at Good Samaritan. “When we take images now, we have to wait for the images to be processed. With the purchase of the new equipment, the images will be available immediately resulting in shorter exam times by 30 to 50% for each patient.”

In addition to the radiology purchase approval, the board also approved the privileges of multiple radiologists who will be working with Good Samaritan through their partnership with Clinical Radiologists. This group of radiologists will be led by Good Samaritan radiologists, Dr. April Cox, and Clinical Radiologists Program Director, Dr. Robert Haag.

“Clinical Radiologists are a great group of trusted physicians,” said Rob McLin, President and CEO of Good Samaritan. “They understand how important patient safety is to our organization and have vast experience in many radiology specialties. We are excited to start working with such a great group of people.”

Based in central Illinois, Clinical Radiologists has more than 70 board certified radiologists covering all radiology sub-specialties. All technology and images utilized by both Good Samaritan and Clinical Radiologists is HIPAA-compliant and the data is secured and confidential.

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