Good Samaritan Physician of the Year Award Given to Dr. Alan Stewart

This year marks the inaugural debut of the Good Samaritan Physician of the Year Award. This award, also referred to as “The SAMMIE” for Samaritan Award for Meritorious Medical Care with Integrity and Excellence, was designed to recognize individuals who demonstrate exceptional skills in clinical practice and who uphold the Mission, Vision and Values of Good Samaritan. This year’s award was given to Dr. Alan Stewart.

Dr. Stewart has been on the medical staff at Good Samaritan for 44 years. As the Knox County Health Department Medical Officer, he has made an instrumental impact on the community over the last eight months. He has displayed exceptional resolve, effort and coordination regarding the tracking, containment and prevention of COVID 19 in the Knox County community.

I have known Dr. Stewart for about 20 years and he has been an exceptional example of an evidence-based practice medical physician to all of us in the medical profession,” said Dr. Scott Stine, Good Samaritan Physician Network’s Chief Medical Officer. “He is very wise and continuously goes above the call of duty for his patients.”

In order to be considered for the Physician of the Year Award, candidates must be an active or associate member of the medical staff for at least one year and have demonstrated at least one or more of the following qualities:

  • Exceeded expectations of his or her practice or profession
  • Made a significant difference in the life of a patient, staff member or colleague
  • Contributed substantially to the community through community service or support
  • Provided high level leadership to Good Samaritan of the Medical Staff
  • Fostered the spread of medical knowledge

“When thinking about all of these qualities and reflecting on all that has happened this year, our committee’s decision for who should receive the award could not have been any clearer,” said Dr. Molly Weiss, Good Samaritan’s Chief Medical Officer. “It was an honor to announce that Dr. Stewart was the first winner of the SAMMIE Award. We appreciate and commend him on a job well done.”

Dr. Stewart’s efforts to coordinate the county response, communicate with colleagues and the public have been outstanding during the COVID-19 pandemic. He is dedicated to life-long learning, heavily involved in continuing education for Good Samaritan medical staff and being a leader with the Knox County Medical Society.

“I want to thank my peers and the staff for this great honor they have given to me,” said Dr. Stewart. “I understand, especially now throughout the pandemic, what the word teamwork means and I wish we could chop up this award and distribute it to everyone. I came here 44 years ago thinking I would stay here a couple of years and I just can’t imagine a better place to practice medicine or a better community. It has provided a wonderful life.”

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