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Dr. Kristin Mahan Recognized as 2022 Physician of the Year

Dr. Kristin Mahan Recognized as 2022 Physician of the Year

Good Samaritan Physician Network has named Family Practice Physician Kristin Mahan, MD as the 2022 Physician of the Year. This award, also referred to as “The SAMMIE” for Samaritan Award for Meritorious Medical Care with Integrity and Excellence, was created in 2020 to recognize individuals who demonstrate exceptional skills in clinical practice and who uphold the mission, vision and values of Good Samaritan.

Dr. Mahan has been on the medical staff at Good Samaritan for 20 years. During this time, she has provided comprehensive care, both in an inpatient and outpatient setting, to patients of all ages. Dr. Mahan has served as the Director of Convenient Care and Director of Hospice since 2020. Filled with knowledge and always reaching to learn more, Dr. Mahan has been a valuable member of the teaching staff with the medical students who have come to Good Samaritan for training and education. Dr. Mahan also started the Walk with a Doc program in Vincennes, where members of the community are invited to join a provider on Saturday mornings for a short discussion on a current health topic and spend the rest of the hour enjoying a healthy walk.

“The Physician of the Year is a great award and it represents the culture of Good Samaritan, how we treat each other as clinicians, as well as our reputation of how we take care of patients, stated Lee McKinley, MD. “Dr. Mahan is the epitome of a team player, she volunteered to come to the residency clinic to teach the art of medicine along with the science of medicine. She and Dr. Stine have kept us up to date with how to treat COVID patients for almost three years. Dr. Mahan is someone we look to for advice and guidance as a physician,” stated Lee McKinley, MD.

Usha Pasupuleti, MD, Internal Medicine Resident, had submitted one of the nominations for Dr. Mahan. “I nominated Dr. Mahan for the award because she embodies everything that the award signifies. I have learned so much from her as a physician,” stated Pasupuleti.

Scott Stine, MD, has known Dr. Mahan for more than 20 years. He first met her when he was doing his residency at Ball Memorial in Muncie, Indiana and she was a medical student. “Dr. Mahan has many great qualities. One of the most inspiring is that we learned together and through our training, we counter each other while discussing patient care, as well as social issues,” Dr. Stine stated. “During the last three years dealing with COVID, Dr. Mahan has played such an important role in helping our organization and patients as director of our Convenient Care Clinic.”

Dr. Pasupuleti said Dr. Mahan’s patients light up when she enters the room. “When she comes into our clinics on Monday mornings she brings so much energy to our group,” she added.

Dr. Mahan said she is humbled and honored to receive the Physician of the Year Award. “I am beyond grateful to be a member of our awesome medical community, which has provided me with mentors and friends,” Dr. Mahan exclaimed. “I am grateful to Good Samaritan colleagues and administrators who have allowed me to evolve and explore new roles in teaching and leadership. It is a privilege to work for Good Samaritan in a wonderful community that has become my home.”

In order to be considered for the Physician of the Year Award, candidates must be an active or associate member of the medical staff for at least one year and have demonstrated at least one or more of the following qualities:

• Exceeded expectations of his or her practice or profession

• Made a significant difference in the life of a patient, staff member or colleague

• Contributed substantially to the community through community service or

• Provided high-level leadership to Good Samaritan and the medical staff

• Fostered the spread of medical knowledge