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Good Samaritan mammography services ranks within the top 10% globally for mammography quality

Good Samaritan mammography services ranks within the top 10% globally for mammography quality

Good Samaritan elevates mammography excellence for all patients with Volpara Analytics and Volpara Live quality software

As the first hospital in Southwestern Indiana to adopt mammography quality software from VolparaHealth, Good Samaritan affirms their fierce dedication to provide the highest quality mammogram for every patient.

Performing mammograms is a skill that requires great attention to detail. The ability to detect cancer can be negatively impacted by poor breast positioning, incorrect compression, or excluded breast tissue. Mammography quality is evaluated by precise guidelines to ensure a clinically acceptable exam.

Within the first six months of using Volpara software, Good Samaritan achieved a ranking within the top 10% of all global users. Specifically, they are ranked 12th in the world, and 8th in the United States. With the help of Volpara Analytics and Volpara Live software, Good Samaritan achieved a significant quality improvement.

Volpara Analytics uses artificial intelligence (AI) to provide automated assessment of exam quality on every mammogram. It evaluates breast positioning, compression, radiation dose and image quality. Volpara Live is an innovative on-the-job training system for mammography technologists that provides feedback to positively impact exam quality and patient experience.

“We are absolutely thrilled to have achieved this high global ranking for mammography performance. Volpara helps us be consistent and helps us improve. Consistency in adhering to mammography quality guidelines is critical to ensure high-quality mammograms, optimal care and follow-up,” said Crystal Beadles, Mammography Manager at Good Samaritan. “Proper positioning and compression are so important to our ability to thoroughly assess a mammogram. Our Volpara tools assess every exam and help us produce consistent, high-quality images. We know that we will do the best possible job for our patients every time.”

“Good Samaritan is an outstanding example of a high-performing mammography center, both nationwide and globally. They are truly offering world-class care. Their dedicated, consistent use of Volpara software enabled them to quickly elevate quality and will be how they’ll maintain the high standard they established. We are proud to see the value Volpara software has brought to this center and to the patients in this community”, said Kristin Bravo, Director, Customer Success, Volpara Health.

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