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Good Samaritan Raises the Standard of Care with Banyan’s Virtual Care Solutions

Good Samaritan Raises the Standard of Care with Banyan’s Virtual Care Solutions

Beginning March 7, Good Samaritan will be going live with virtual nursing provided through Banyan Medical Solutions. In a time of unprecedented patient demand and nurse labor shortage and burnout, Good Samaritan adds extensive nursing care to its patient-centric approach. With Banyan’s seamless and proven system in place, Good Samaritan will augment its patient care team with up to four additional Registered Nurses per day to assist on-site nursing staff.

Good Samaritan’s Chief Nursing Officer, Rachel Spalding, DNP, RN, NEA-BC, says that Banyan will have a nursing team that is dedicated to Good Samaritan to provide virtual care services. “These registered nurses, who have all gone through our hospital orientation and training procedures, will become an extension of our Good Samaritan nursing team,” she added. “With having a dedicated Banyan team assigned to us, our nurses and the virtual nurses will become familiar with one another and work as one team.”

The role of the virtual nurse will be one to assist Good Samaritan’s on-site nursing team. Spalding said the virtual nurses will be completing admission and discharge paperwork, as well as patient education. “This will allow our nurses to spend more time one-on-one delivering direct care to our patients,” she added. “This will be a game changer for our care delivery model. Quality of care is our number one priority and Banyan enhances that commitment. Our partnership with Banyan will also help us maintain an energized staff of nurses.”

Licensed in all 50 states, this care platform has improved clinical areas that include patient experience, patient outcomes, bedside RN time spent, call light response time, RN turnover, RN overtime and operational costs. At the same time, Banyan’s Virtual Nursing system has decreased readmissions and patient length of stay.

Through installed technology in every patient room, the virtual nurse will provide compassionate care using the in-room television and the pillow speaker so that the virtual nurse is there right at the bedside. Interaction between the patient and the virtual nurse begins with a chime, representing a knock where the virtual nurse will then ask for permission to turn on the camera to enter the room. Once permitted, the virtual nurses perform tasks that include admissions, patient education, and discharges. Not only do the virtual nurses have the capability to interact with the patient, but they can also follow up with patients’ families and bedside staff members.

Data collected by hospitals support the benefits of Banyan Virtual Care technology. “Results from consults show significantly improved quality measures, clinical outcomes and revenue streams,” said Tony Buda, Banyan CEO and founder. “We’re extremely proud of the great story that our numbers tell.”

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