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Good Samaritan Introduces the da Vinci Xi Surgical System, Hosts Naming Contest and Open House

Good Samaritan Introduces the da Vinci Xi Surgical System, Hosts Naming Contest and Open House

Good Samaritan is pleased to announce the recent acquisition of the da Vinci Xi® surgical system by Intuitive, designed with the goal of further advancing technology for minimally invasive care. The da Vinci Xi surgical system can be used across a spectrum of minimally invasive surgical procedures and enables multi-quadrant access for gynecology, urology and general surgeries. Good Samaritan physicians who will be using the da Vinci include General surgeons, Allison Thomas, MD, Bradly Vo, MD, and Bryant McIver, MD; OB/GYN Dustin Blackwell, DO; and new Urologist, William Collyer, MD. These surgeons will begin using the da Vinci later this month. Gallbladder, hernia, hysterectomy, and nephrectomy are a few of the surgeries that will be performed at Good Samaritan using the da Vinci system.

"In embracing innovation, Good Samaritan takes a transformative leap toward precision and excellence," stated Good Samaritan's Chief Operating Officer, Adam Thacker. "Acquiring the da Vinci surgical system is not just an investment in technology; it's a commitment to elevating patient care, where the art of medicine meets the precision of robotics, shaping a future of advanced possibilities and unparalleled surgical expertise."

By enabling efficient access throughout the abdomen or chest, the da Vinci Xi system expands upon core da Vinci® system features, including wristed instruments, 3DHD visualization, intuitive motion, and an ergonomic design. As with all da Vinci surgical systems, the surgeon is 100% in control of the robotic-assisted da Vinci system, which translates their hand movements into smaller, more precise movements of tiny instruments inside the patient’s body. The Xi® system’s immersive 3DHD vision system provides surgeons a highly magnified view, virtually extending their eyes and hands into the patient.

The surgeons at Good Samaritan are thrilled to be a leader in this field and look forward to continually bringing southwestern Indiana and southeastern Illinois advanced minimally invasive surgical options.

With this new era of precision surgery, Good Samaritan is eager to engage the public in the excitement surrounding this cutting-edge technology by hosting a “Name the Robot” contest. This naming contest allows community members to submit creative and meaningful names for the da Vinci surgical robot. The contest is open now through February 11, 2024. The winner will receive $100, recognition on the hospital’s social platforms and during a public open house. More details about the contest and the submission form can be found at

In addition to the naming contest, Good Samaritan will host an open house event for the public on February 22, 2024 from 5 to 7 p.m. in the Charles C. Hedde, MD Health Education Center, 520 S. Seventh Street, Vincennes, Indiana. The open house will offer the community the opportunity to witness firsthand the capabilities of the da Vinci surgical system. Attendees will have the chance to interact with the Good Samaritan surgical team, experience live demonstrations, and gain insights into the future of minimally invasive surgery. Refreshments will be served.

“We are thrilled to introduce the da Vinci to our community, marking a significant milestone in our commitment to providing exceptional health care,” stated Tiffany Conover, Good Samaritan’s Director of Marketing. “Through the “Name the Robot” contest and open house, we aim to share this excitement with our community, engaging them in the transformative journey toward enhanced surgical precision and patient care.”

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