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  • Everything You Need to Know About Preventing Joint Injuries

    Joint injuries Joints are mobile connections between two bones, made up of various fibrous connective tissue. A majority of joints allow for various movements throughout ... Read More

  • Joint Pain: When to See a Doctor

    Joint Pain Joints are located where two bones meet—opening and closing like a hinge, allowing for various types of movement. When joints are damaged, it can limit ... Read More

  • Good Samaritan Welcomes New CNO

    Good Samaritan is excited to announce the arrival of a new Chief Nursing Officer, Rachel Spalding. Previously the Executive Director of Perioperative Services at ... Read More


    In response to the increase in influenza cases nationwide and in the Tri-State area, the hospital members of the Community Patient Safety Coalition are implementing ... Read More

  • Good Samaritan Employees Spreading Christmas Cheer This Holiday Season

    Good Samaritan employees have been busy these past few weeks purchasing gifts for the hospital’s annual Giving Tree. Thanks to their generosity during this holiday ... Read More

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