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The Safety Pin Program

The Safety PIN (Protecting Indiana’s Newborns) Program made possible in partnership and funding with the Indiana Department of Health. The purpose of this funding is to reduce infant mortality in our region, and we have launched various new supports to pregnant women and those with infants under the age of one in our community.


Referral information and questions can be emailed to
or call 812-885-6825.


  • Perinatal Peer Recovery Services: Peer-based recovery support for pregnant women and new mothers with substance use or those trying to maintain recovery from a mother who is in recovery.
  • Perinatal Navigator Services: Provides education, support, and addresses barriers to the patient such as finances, transportation, housing, childcare, insurance, etc. as identified through the navigation process.
  • Maternal and Child Health Coalition: In partnership with Indiana University's Center for Collaborative System Change, our Safety PIN team has convened a Maternal and Child Health Coalition. By utilizing Strategic Doing the group generates purposeful collaboration by identifying and converting new opportunities into action for change. This Coalition increases and diversifies how our community collaborates, which is essential to harnessing our limited resources and deploying innovative strategies to address the challenges related to the health of community mothers and their infants. Any individuals or organizations interested in participating can reach out to Casandra DeBord, Project Director, at
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