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Johnathan Grant, D.O. – Pulmonologist

Respiratory Services

Adult/Pediatric/Infant Patients
Oxygen Administration
Oxygen Weaning
Environmental Therapy (Huts)
Chest Physical Therapy (Percussion, Postural Drainage, Diaphragmatic Breathing Exercise)
Aerosol Therapy (Small Volume Medication Nebulizer, MDI)
Mechanical Ventilation
Non-Invasive Ventilation (BiPAP CPAP)
Artificial Airway Management
Endotracheal Suction
Blood Gases, Co-oximetry, Electrolytes and Metabolytes
Physiologic Monitoring (Sp02, etC02, tcC02, tcO2, CO Monitoring, Apnea)
Inter-hospital Transport Team
Home Oxygen Prescription Training and Referral
Home Nebulizer Therapy Training and Referral

Adult/Pediatric Patients
Pulmonary Function Testing
Hyperinflation Therapy (Incentive Spirometry, IPPB, PAP, EzPAP)
Patient Education (Pulmonary Rehab, Asthma/Peak Flow Program, Smoking Cessation)
RT Protocols

Adult Patients Only
Anergy Testing, PPD Testing
Ambulation with Oxygen
Tracheostomy Care
Tracheostomy Change


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Respiratory Care

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