Ways to Give

Support Good Samaritan Foundation

Ways to give to Good Samaritan Foundation include:

Donate Planned Giving

Fundraising Corporate Giving

How does my donation help?
100% of your donation stays within our 10-county service area of Southwest Indiana and Southeast Illinois. Funds provide assistance to Good Samaritan patients in our community in various ways.

What types of causes do we support?
The Foundation stewards over 50 funds. You may donate to causes you feel passionate about such as:

  • Benevolent Patient Care
  • Cancer Patient Care
  • Allied Health Profession Scholarships
  • New Technologies and Facilities
  • Nursing Education
  • Other causes that are important to you

How is the Foundation making a difference in the lives of patients?
Someone is touched by the work of the Foundation every day.

A patient was being discharged and needed a pair of work boots for her new job. Without the proper type of boot, with a protective steel toe, the individual would not get the job. She had no means to buy them. The patient’s care provider contacted the Foundation and asked if we would consider obtaining the boots. Supported by our generous donors, and from our family of funds, we were able to provide the footwear and the patient went to work.

A wife had just dropped her husband off at work and was returning home with their four young children. Out of nowhere, a car collided with her van impacting it enough to cause it to roll over. Thankfully no one was seriously injured, but while being examined in the Emergency Room, it was mentioned that the four car seats in the van were no longer viable for use by the kids. The Foundation was contacted and asked if we had a way to purchase new seats for the children. Through our Caring Connection Fund, we were able to go purchase new seats and have them ready before the mom and kids were discharged from the ER.

Connect with us

By Phone: 812-885-3192
By Email: ghackney@gshvin.org

By Mail:
520 S. Seventh Street
Vincennes, IN 47591
Online: Use the donation form located on this page.

Don't hesitate to reach out to our foundation—we're happy to speak with you about our mission and answer any of your questions. Call 812-885-3192 today.