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Good Samaritan Installs Magnetom Sola 1.5T MRI

Good Samaritan Installs Magnetom Sola 1.5T MRI

An industry-leading MRI scanner is empowering physicians and improving the patient experience at Good Samaritan.

“We wanted to find the best of both worlds,” says Adam Thacker, Good Samaritan Chief Operating Officer. “On one hand, we were looking for the most advanced MRI technology available to support the decision-making of our world-class providers. On the other, we wanted the patient experience to be one that recognized our patient’s need to be comfortable and efficient. This new MRI has patient-centric features such as wireless headphones for listening to music, noise reduction technology and head or feet first entry.”

The system, called MAGNETOM Sola, features BioMatrix Technology and accommodates patients’ anatomical and physiological differences as well as technologist differences. These factors help decrease the need for rescans and increase scan consistency across a diverse patient population.

BioMatrix Sensors save setup time and inform the correct exam strategy. Additionally, BioMatrix Tuners improve the quality and reproducibility of head, neck, and spine imaging using distortion-mitigating software and hardware. BioMatrix Interfaces utilize artificial intelligence and body models to expedite patient positioning and deliver consistent, reproducible results. 

Consequently, MAGNETOM Sola helps healthcare providers perform a full range of routine and complex MRI exams, while accelerating workflows and delivering consistent results across all patient types.

Diverse patients are also accommodated with a 70-cm bore, while ultra-lightweight, anatomy-adaptive coils improve patient comfort while delivering high signal-to-noise ratio with up to 204 RF channels.

“By delivering unmatched levels of automation and personalization that address patient and user variability, we enable our staff to achieve high-quality imaging – consistently and efficiently – across all procedures,” stated Mark Schafer, Good Samaritan Director of Radiology.

“This project was quite unique given the fact that the MRI machine had to be removed and installed through a roof hatch given the overall size of the imaging magnet, stated Don Page, Good Samaritan Director of Engineering. “In addition, we renovated the entire space including upgrading the shielding to ensure the safest environment for our staff to practice. Kudos to the team that built the original MRI building for planning ahead with a roof hatch, it sure made things simpler for this upgrade.”