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Good Samaritan Partners with The Milk Bank to Enhance Care for Infants

Good Samaritan Partners with The Milk Bank to Enhance Care for Infants

Good Samaritan is proud to announce a partnership with The Milk Bank, a nonprofit organization on a mission to promote community health by expanding the safe use of human milk for all babies, especially premature and ill infants.

Madelyn Taylor, RN, Good Samaritan Perinatal Services Nurse Manager, expressed the significance of this collaboration, stating, "For fragile babies, human milk is lifesaving medicine. The partnership with The Milk Bank allows us to provide the best possible options for our most vulnerable infants."

The Milk Bank specializes in ensuring a safe and reliable supply of donor milk for infants with specific needs. Premature and low birth weight infants, in particular, benefit from a 100% human milk diet, which reduces mortality by 75%. While mothers are usually able to provide their own milk, certain risk factors or increased infant needs may necessitate external support.

Good Samaritan has joined forces with The Milk Bank as a depot station, where approved donors can drop off their milk for processing. The milk undergoes rigorous screening and processing, including a thorough nutritional analysis and pasteurization to ensure safety.

Ava Wright, RN, Good Samaritan Lactation Consultant, outlined the simple steps for individuals interested in becoming donors: "First, go online at or call 317-536-1670 for a quick one-minute pre-screening. Then, complete a health questionnaire and undergo a no-cost blood draw arranged by The Milk Bank. Donors will receive a donor ID and then they can drop off milk to Good Samaritan, contributing to the mission of saving lives."

Once the donated milk reaches The Milk Bank lab, it undergoes careful processing, including thawing, nutritional analysis, pooling with milk from other donors, and pasteurization. The pasteurized milk is stored and subjected to a final microbiological test before being sent to infants in hospitals and homes.

Good Samaritan, with its level two nursery, is equipped to care for infants requiring a higher level of attention, including those born as early as 32 weeks gestation. The partnership with The Milk Bank allows Good Samaritan to utilize Pasteurized Human Donor Milk (PHDM) for inpatient infants demonstrating a need.

Good Samaritan and The Milk Bank look forward to making a positive impact on the health and well-being of fragile infants through this partnership, bridging the gap for families in need.