Defy the Odds: Patient Highlight

Stage IV lung cancer. If that does not bring you to your knees, let’s add brain cancer. And liver cancer.

For most people, this is a recipe for despair. Stage IV means the cancer has spread to both lungs, to fluid around the lungs, or to another part of the body.

But Pat does not discourage easily.

“I just had faith, and I knew whatever it was that God would see me through,” she said. “The only thing that came to my mind was that my son is autistic, and my only prayer was that things would work out so that he wouldn’t have to see me go through all the things that I saw ahead of me.”

After consulting with Dr. Montrose and Dr. Renee Bartlett and conferring with her family, Pat opted for chemotherapy. “Dr. Bartlett talked to me like she was hearing me out, and she answered all my questions,” she said. “We discussed different options and what was going to happen down the line.”

In fact, everyone in the Good Samaritan Cancer Center explained everything to Pat, from the procedures to the technology to the side effects she might be having. “They see you at your worst, Good Samaritan Dr. Bartlett Cancer Pavilionbut they’re all so caring and understanding, like I was their mom or their grandmother or sister. I was really impressed with that,” she said.

While Pat was well-informed about what might happen, she was surprised by what did: She never felt sick. “I had no reactions to the chemo or medicines, just felt really tired.” Pat was diagnosed in 2011 her cancer is in remission.

Pat believes in cancer screenings – she never misses a routine mammogram. Both of her parents had cancer – her mother four times – which puts her at greater risk.

“I would definitely recommend people go for screenings,” she said. “With all the technology that we have now, things have improved so much.”

Good Samaritan is committed to early detection to make sure cancer does not sneak up on you. Be proactive and schedule your regular screening today by contacting one of our offices below:

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