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Mikiel Ewida, CAA

About Mikiel

Mikiel Ewida, originally from Egypt, grew up in rural Illinois. After traveling to North Carolina for his undergraduate degree, he went back to the Midwest for his Master's degree because it felt like home. Ewida says he chose Anesthesia because it requires a deep understanding of physiology, pharmacology, and technology. He also says that becoming a Certified Anesthesiology Assistant promised continuous learning, problem-solving, and staying updated on medical advancements which was appealing to him. Patients can expect a warm welcome when they first meet Ewida, and find that he actively engages in active listening, empathy and compassion, and clear communication. He enjoys going to the gym and being outdoors, and his favorite health tip is to find time in the gym.
  • College
  • Associate's Degree in Pre-Medicine Lake Land College
  • Bachelor's Degree in Biochemistry NC State University
  • Master's Degree in Anesthesia Indiana University Indianapolis