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Outpatient Joint Replacement

Living with joint pain does not have to be a part of your daily routine, especially now with outpatient joint replacement surgery at Good Samaritan. Read below to learn more about one of our patient's experience with his hip replacement surgery. (Video below)

Dr. Michael DulinWhen Dr. Michael Dulin began experiencing pain in his left hip in April 2020, he made an appointment with orthopedic surgeon, Dr. David Miller. The pain was increasing in severity each day and an x-ray showed severe osteoarthritis in Dr. Dulin’s left hip. “The pain in my hip made it difficult to walk in the halls of the hospital and do my job as an anesthesiologist,” said Dr. Dulin, “Getting in and out of a car was also a problem. Sleeping was the most difficult. I had to situate myself in certain positions to avoid pain in my left hip.”

After a trial of steroid injections that relieved his pain for only a short period of time, he and Dr. Miller decided the next best step would be a hip replacement surgery. He began receiving information from the Joint Replacement Center with instructions and preparation for his surgery.

“The day of surgery was quite simple,” said Dr. Dulin. “I arrived at Good Samaritan and was greeted by the staff. They already had my information and the presurgical process was short and uncomplicated. I met my surgeon and anesthesiologist, and both described what they intended to do that day. Everyone was kind and professional. I was immediately given some sedation medication and the next thing I remembered I was waking up in the recovery room.”

After being in the recovery area for about 30 minutes, Dr. Dulin was transported to the Joint Replacement unit, 4GM. Although his anesthesia was beginning to wear off at this time, he remembers experiencing very little discomfort or pain. Once he had a few hours of rest, he was asked to walk down the hallway with a walker and assistance from physical and occupational therapy staff. The nursing staff monitored Dr. Dulin’s progress and decided he was physically able to be discharged the same day as his surgery.

“My surgical outcome was amazing,” stated Dr. Dulin. “I used a walker to get around the first week and I believe I only took pain medication two times. The following week, I used a cane and after the third week I required no other support.” Dr. Dulin was quickly able to return to his normal routines with minimal discomfort. After only three weeks, he felt no pain while walking and was able to return to work full time after only four weeks.

Dr. Michael Dulin“I would absolutely recommend joint replacement surgery. My hip pain would have consistently gotten worse without intervention,” he said. “This procedure is something that cannot be put off indefinitely and I am so happy to have chosen the joint replacement program at Good Samaritan. They used the most advanced technology available and I was cared for by a dedicated and professional staff. Why would anyone drive outside of Knox County for a total joint replacement when the best care is right here?”

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