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Making a Difference at Good Samaritan

The Good Samaritan Foundation relies on the generosity of others to do the work that it does and ensure that our hospital has the support and resources it needs to meet the highest standards of care. Below, we are proud to recognize those who have given to our foundation and have helped Good Samaritan continue to be a premier health care provider in our region. If you are interested in making a donation, contact our foundation at 812-885-3192 today.

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Gibault Society

The Gibault Society was formed to recognize the Clark-Gibault Memorial Hospital Association. This group, named in honor of George Rogers Clark and Father Pierre Gibault, was incorporated to sponsor the establishment of the hospital and oversee its operation.

Membership in the Gibault Society is extended to donors who make a commitment of $5,000 or more in support of the hospital. The commitment may be fulfilled in a single donation or through an aggregate of gifts totaling no less than $5,000. Gibault Society members are recognized on a permanent display in the Health Pavilion lobby.

Founder’s Society


  • Mr. and Mrs. R.D. Eaton

Trustee Society


  • Good Samaritan Auxiliary

Visionary Society


  • John D. and Mary Bolles Estate
  • Bridges’ Research Funds
  • Good Samaritan
  • Edyth L. Halverson Estate
  • Dr. and Mrs. Ralph J. Jacqmain
  • Susan B. Lyons Memorial Trust
  • Millard J. and Edna Lucille Pauley Estate



    • The AME Group
    • Dr. Viktoria K. Johnson
    • Mrs. Nancy Anderson
    • Mr. and Mrs. Michael Klein
    • Bard Endoscopic Technologies
    • Knox County EMS
    • Estate of Donald Bell
    • Dr. Chelsea L. Lawlis
    • Miriam Boyd D.O.
    • Mr. and Mrs. Philip E. Mangin
    • Dr. Jane Bridges and Mr. Mark Bock
    • McKesson Information Solutions
    • Burkhart Insurance Agency, Inc.
    • Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. McLin
    • Community Foundation Alliance, Inc.
    • Medical Center of Vincennes
    • Dr. and Mrs. Bart DeBrock
    • Merck & Co., Inc.
    • Ms. Janet A. Eddleman
    • Midwest Emergency Medicine, Inc.
    • Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Ernst
    • Miller Construction Company
    • Mr. and Mrs. James A. Eskew
    • Mrs. Margaret S. Myers
    • First Vincennes Savings Bank
    • Mr. and Mrs. Gary Olson
    • Forrest Sherer Insurance
    • Dr. and Mrs. Thomas P. O’Rourke
    • Mrs. Dorothy Gelb
    • Peyronnin Construction Co., Inc.
    • General Imaging Corporation
    • Pfizer Pharmaceuticals Group
    • Growing Family First Foto
    • Quadramed Corporation
    • Edyth M. Larson Halverson Estate
    • Radiopharmacy, Inc.
    • Mrs. Kay Hawkins
    • Regions Bank
    • Paul Hayden Estate
    • RehabCare Group, Inc.
    • Dr. and Mrs. Charles C. Hedde
    • Samaritan Center
    • Dr. and Mrs. Richard E. Helton
    • Seymour Fraternal Order of Eagles
    • Dr. and Mrs. Alan Hendrix
    • Mr. and Mrs. H. Brent Stuckey
    • Dr. Miller and Dr. Holka
    • Drs. Mark and Kathy Stutz
    • Hunt Construction
    • SIGECO A Vectren Company
    • Integra Bank
    • Mrs. Pat M. Summers
    • Mr. and Mrs. P. R. Sweeney
    • Tronitech Document Imaging, LLC
    • United Way of Knox County
    • Dr. and Mrs. William R. Vaughn
    • Vincennes Fraternal Order of Eagles
    • Vincennes Progress Laundry & Dry Cleaners, Inc.
    • Vincennes Radiology, Inc.
    • Wabash Food Service
    • Dr. and Mrs. Timothy R. Whiteman
    • Mr. and Mrs. James W. Zeigler

    Chairman’s Society


    • Bierhaus Foundation, Inc.
    • Richard and Helen Lux Estate
    • The McCormick Family Foundation

    Presidential Society

    • Mrs. Halene Ahlf
    • Mrs. Halene Ahlf
    • Mrs. Halene Ahlf
    • Dr. and Mrs. Jerome E. Melchior
    • Dr. Logan Boyd
    • BSA Lifestructures Inc.
    • LHS Volleyball
    • Old National Bank



    • Mr. and Mrs. Brian D. Anderson
    • Mr. and Mrs. Les Anderson
    • Dr. and Mrs. Brian L. Arnold
    • Mr. and Mrs. Matthew D. Bailey
    • Helen J. Baker Trust
    • Mr. Keith W. Boyer
    • Mr. and Mrs. Steve Burkhart
    • Daviess Community Hospital
    • Mrs. Zelia A. Deem
    • Mrs. Judith A. Desanto
    • Ms. Joanna DeSanto
    • Dillon Wealth Management
    • Dr. and Mrs. Michael B. Dulin
    • Edmund L. Hafer & Associates, P.C.
    • Energy Systems Group
    • Ewing Printing Co., Inc.
    • Fifth Third Bank
    • Fire and Rain
    • Floyd G. Wampler, Jr. Family
    • Mr. Horace A. Foncannon, Jr.
    • Glaxosmithkline Pharmaceuticals
    • Good Samaritan Hospice Volunteers
    • Goodwin Family Funeral Home
    • Dr. and Mrs. Joseph R. Gregg
    • Mr. Charles Hawkins
    • Ms. Emily Heineke
    • Dr. and Mrs. Lawrence W. Henderson
    • Mr. and Mrs. John Hidde
    • Interstate Imaging
    • Mr. and Mrs. Robert I. Jones
    • Mrs. Ethylgene Josh
    • Chaplain and Mrs. Charles M. Julian
    • Revocable Trust of Ralph Kirchoff
    • Dr. Linda Lenahan Lilly
    • Mr. Anthony & Dr. Kristin A. Mahan
    • Dr. and Mrs. Bruce D. Mallatt
    • Mr. and Mrs. C. James McCormick
    • Mr. and Mrs. David L. Miller
    • Dr. and Mrs. Mark C. Mills
    • Morrison Management Specialists
    • Mr. and Mrs. Alfred L. Nardine, Sr.
    • Mr. and Mrs. Don R. Nesbitt
    • Dr. and Mrs. Jerick Pacheco
    • Mrs. Velma Pepmeier
    • Premier Electric, Inc.
    • Purdue Pharma
    • Louise C. Reitmeyer Estate
    • Sanofi-Aventis
    • Sargent Farms
    • Mr. and Mrs. H. G. Seirp
    • Mr. and Mrs. Mark Sievers
    • Mabel M. Staats Estate
    • Mrs. Phyllis A. Stewart
    • Ms. Ruby J. Strate
    • Mr. and Mrs. Gerald J. Stump
    • Mr. and Mrs. Gregory W. Sturm
    • Mr. John J. Summers
    • Mr. and Mrs. P.R. Sweeney
    • Orthopedic Surgery Clinic, Inc.
    • Vincennes University Foundation, Inc.
    • Mr. Gerald E. Waldroup
    • WES Enterprises Inc.
    • Westat
    • Williams Bros. Health Care Pharmacy
    • Wolfe Construction Company of Vincennes, Inc.
    • Wyeth-Ayerst Pharmaceuticals