Good Samaritan Auxiliary Donates Funds to Improve Patient Care

Good Samaritan’s Auxiliary Board approved purchases that will improve patient care throughout the organization. Funds donated by the Auxiliary are earned through fundraisers and Gift Shop sales throughout the year. The Auxiliary is made up of a group of volunteers who work in various areas throughout Good Samaritan.

“The major role of the Auxiliary is to provide a service to the employees and visitors of Good Samaritan, as well as provide financial assistance,” said Alexis McCrary, Volunteer Services, Gift Shop and Auxiliary Manager. Since 1964, when the Auxiliary’s first donation was documented, more than $2 million has been donated to the hospital to help meet the needs of the patients and community.

One of the items purchased this year was a Natus Hearing Screen for the Nursery and OB Unit for $17,379.95. The Natus Hearing technology provides consistent, objective results and screens both ears simultaneously, offering a complete screen of the hearing pathway in one simple step.

“A hearing screen helps to identify newborns that may have hearing impairments allowing for earlier treatments and identification,” said Margaret Suozzi, Director of Women’s and Children’s Health at Good Samaritan. “Studies show if the hearing problem goes unrecognized after birth, those children have delayed or no speech causing developmental issues that decrease the quality of life. We are very grateful for the Auxiliary’s help in purchasing this new equipment for our patients.”

Another donation made by the Auxiliary was in the amount of $31,266 for the purchase of two additional Trophon2 devices. The Trophon2 is used to disinfect ultrasound equipment that is used on patients. With the combination of increased use of ultrasound within the organization and standards for high-level disinfection by The Joint Commission, there is a need for a better way to disinfect equipment.

“We have seen an increase in the use of ultrasound throughout the hospital,” said Laura McBee, Infection Prevention Coordinator. “The equipment can be used for PICC placement, trauma patients, ICU patient assessments and more. We want to ensure that we promote patient safety and not put our patients at risk for infection.”

The Trophon2 uses ultrasonic vibrations to generate sound-wave energy and create an ultrafine mist. Free radicals then disperse, disrupt and kill bacteria, fungi and viruses.

Good Samaritan has a Trophon1 in the Radiology Department that will be updated to provide electronic record keeping. The hospital will then purchase three Trophon2 units in order to meet hospital needs, two of these purchased by the Auxiliary.

The Auxiliary also decided to make a $50,000 donation to the Good Samaritan Foundation for the construction of the Charles C. Hedde, MD Health Education Center. The total amount donated by the Auxiliary in 2020 totals $98,645.95.

“We work all year to provide these donations to various departments throughout the hospital so we can help our patients,” said McCrary. “Regardless of their duty, big or small, the volunteers make a huge impact on Good Samaritan.”

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